OKAY, so the matter of fact is in trying to figure out different ways in life to reach the top notch ladder in work or to be able to survive with better fortunes, we have lost ourselves.

In this never ending meddle of incoming lures, where do we stand individually ?

With constantly pouring our hearts out to new affairs,new adventures in life, Are we really growing from inside or battling down with more responsibilities.

Start questioning yourself, understand your needs, whether you really need to buy this new house, whether its the right time to start a family, is it too soon to get engaged, do i really need to push myself to get this job. If you have doubts, take a step back let yourself cope up with time & prepare yourself to be able to relish the next move.

We have sort of hidden our inner beings with too much of superficiality outside. Ever wondered why do our own reactions sometimes startle us. Yes! That’s because you are a surprise to yourself. I follow 4 simple steps to remain true to myself.

First I make a point that I talk to myself may be like once in a day or two. Weird you must think but actually its very soothing. May be just look at your reflection and talk to yourself..start with a Hi and talk about the day or anything that’s going on in your mind. It might well surprise you how much you can talk to yourself and surface certain thoughts that were stuck deep in your subconscious head. This will also boost your confidence, the eye contact that you make with yourself while staring back at your reflection will give you a feeling of trust in you.

Second Listen to your instincts, stay true to them. Do not ignore you gut feelings. Do not cheat yourself.

Third  Focus on your present, the moment right in front of you. The feeling you have now, the state of mind you imbibe in now is what portrays your present time. Make decisions based on your current status. Do not put off something relying on whatever situation you think you could be in few months, or so and so year or time.

Fourth Many might not agree with me on this point but once in a while judge yourself. Close your eyes before you catch on a good night sleep & judge your activities on last week or the month that went by. It will give you a chance to reflect on how different you have become, what are the changes or the behavioral aspects of yourself that has changed over the years. You will be able to comprehend on whether you are heading in the right direction, it will help you testify your motives and  actions you follow to achieve them. 

These 4 steps should be sufficient to keep you on your toes. It will help you nurture yourself better. It will keep you close to yourself and true to yourself than ever before.