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Whenever we hear something we don’t understand we scramble to give it a definition so that we can try to define its relevance and how it may, or may not fit into our life.

It’s so common for us to believe that we have to do everything we can to survive. And when it feels like we can’t get that right we go searching for solutions.

We talk to the people around us, we search the internet, we trawl the socials – all in the hope that somewhere, someone will be able to give us something that will make our lives easier.

We’re manipulated and have our trigger points hit constantly with the marketing messages that invade our space 24/7.

It’s confusing. It’s stressful. It’s overwhelming and it’s completely exhausting.

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I lived this way until it broke me.

I spent my life ticking all the boxes I was told I needed to tick.

I chased a career I was miserable in, I dressed in the ‘right’ way, I never had a hair out of place, I had the ‘right’ things on my resume, I achieved far too much at far too young an age.

I drove myself until I couldn’t push any further.

I dropped. I shattered. I broke.

I realised that my life had been nothing but an empty shell, full of noise and complexity and held together by sheer will.

Suddenly, I was faced with asking myself the question: ‘What if there’s a better way to live?’.

Simplicity was my answer.

It doesn’t take long to work out what’s important to you.

Things mean something to you, or they don’t. For most of us, when we look at what’s important to us, it’s missing from our lives. Somehow, we’ve moved away from the things that give our lives meaning and found ourselves enmeshed in things that keep us disconnected from who we really are.

Have you ever had a situation where something you really wanted – something that gave you pure joy – landed in your lap and your expereince was that it was easy and almost ‘too good to be true’?

How did you react to that situation?

Most of us will find a way to make the situation harder, not believing that it could actually have been that easy.

We’ve been taught that ‘life wasn’t meant to be easy’ and that ‘you have to work hard for everything you want’.  It is this conditioning that makes it harder for us to accept the ease and the grace when it appears effortlessly in our lives.

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Making change is often associated with difficulty or deprevation.

Change is only difficult because we’ve been taught that it should be that way.

Sayings like ‘if change was meant to be easy, we’d all be doing it’ and ‘no pain – no gain’ are common themes that are taught to us at a very young age.

But life can be simple without having to deprive yourself, become a minimalist or stop doing things you love to do. Living a simple life is simply about taking some time to work out what’s important to you, understand WHY they’re important to you and then using that information to step forwards in the simplest possible way.

  • What are the three things that are the most important to you?
  • Do you have them in your life right now?
  • What simple step can you take right now to start to give yourself one of these things?

Life doesn’t have to be any more complex than that.

You have all the answers you need.

You probably noticed that you didn’t need to ask anyone to help you find the answers to the questions above.

You have all the information you need inside you – you need to learn how to reconnect with that information and trust it to show you the way.

A simple life is waiting for you. It’s as easy as starting with the three simple questions above and then using the answers to help form your steps forwards in a different way.

Adopting simplicity means you’ll be recharged every day. You’ll lose the desperation for an escape from your life and you’ll be happy tailor-making the world that is perfect for you.

Will you give yourself a chance to experience a simple way of life?

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Bronwen Sciortino is a Simplicity Expert, an internationally renowned author and professional speaker and. You can follow her at her website; Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.