You all would agree with me on this one: IT IS HARD TO BE A TEENAGER TODAY. 

I say this not because I am here to gain any sympathy, but to raise a sensitive issue and back it up with strong, bold facts. It is 2020, ladies and gentlemen— where growing up is a challenge itself, a challenge difficult to navigate when you are constantly under the microscope, monitored and documented. Although it may seem that life of most city-bred adolescents is full of fun and adventure, with hi-tech gadgets and hi-fashion costumes, all-night parties and non-stop exposure, however, the records clearly indicate that teenagers today are more vulnerable to problems like exclusion, bullying and rejection.

We all have been a teenager once in our life— some were a few decades ago, some still are, while others are yet to be. It is a phase full of energy, hope, life, beauty and passion. An age to experiment, try out new things, fail, learn and grow. While teens are still in the process of becoming adults, they sometimes choose the not-so-advised-path and land themselves in trouble. Though, to some extent, the criticism that follows this is not wrong but before we jump on to any conclusion and entitle today’s generation as oversensitive, we need to have a clear view of the whole picture. It is the first time that teenagers are introduced to the actual world, as they step out of their comfort zones and start to shoulder responsibilities. Although it is quite accurate for the adults to be concerned about their youngsters and advise them at every step, it seems to be a little too much when the they start putting unnecessary pressure and having unhealthy expectations from them.  

The sole purpose of this blog is to highlight the problems teenagers face today. This post is not just for the teenagers, but for the adults as well. The grown ups may look at their past through rose-tinted glasses, but they all know, deep down, that things weren’t as fab as they seemed. The truth is, ladies and gentlemen, that things aren’t any easier even now. While the teens have to agree to the fact that they aren’t the only ones who are going through this phase, millions-of-others have, and millions-of-others will, so there shouldn’t be anything to grumble about. Similarly, the grown ups should also realise that as the time has changed, so has the way of living. In the world full of competitors and judgemental people, be a person who appreciates the efforts of a teen in maintaining a balance among all spheres of life. Be a person who appreciates their involvements and interests. Be a person on whom a teen can rely on…