When traveling for business or pleasure, we often forgo our healthy habits and succumb to “life on the road” …not eating right, not exercising enough, giving in to stress, and not drinking enough water. The hustle, bustle, and chaos of travel is hard to escape, but a little known secret destination in Silicon Valley is making it a lot easier to stick to your healthy choices!

“What can we do to support your healthy habits while you are here?” was a question posed to me by my soon-to-be personal concierge a few days prior to my arrival…just coming off of a detox at the Biggest Loser at the JW Marriott in Palm Desert, I had an entire list of things that they could do to support my healthy habits. I made my way through the email, and answered “veggies and hummus” to what snacks I liked. Upon checking into my room, there was a stash of the most amazing homemade hummus in the fridge, and fresh veggie sticks to accompany it…ask and you shall receive.

On the road, I always have to pay attention to water. I often see the $4 price tag on the in-room bottles and will wait for the next meal to hydrate, but at The Clement Hotel, hydration is key. There are bottles of water (eight in my room alone) everywhere you look, and completely included with your stay, ensuring that you can stay hydrated without having to worry about the price tag every time you open a bottle.

While most hotels have “healthy options”, those options often have a price tag associated with it, and keep us from selecting them. The Clement Hotel’s “all inclusive” model, makes staying healthy easy, while their “all exclusive” motto lets you bask in the luxury around you.

Taking in some sunshine and getting much needed Vitamin D is easy on the roof deck, it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind at the end of a long day full of meetings, or just chill before jumping into the hot tub or pool to stretch your body out. 

The ultimate health friendly luxury at The Clement Hotel is having 24 hour access to the Guest Pantry, and almost-round-the-clock chef cooked meals, all included in your room rate. Freshly made parfaits, yogurt, and other snacks are all available when you want them, as well as cooked-to-order meals.

Sleep, Sun, Hydration, and Nourishment are all key components of The Clement Hotel, which is perfectly appointed to keep you “on track” during your travels.


  • Kelly Richardson

    Founder, Venone Public Relations, RYT-200, PG

    Venone Public Relations

    A successful entrepreneur with roots in the Construction, Timber & Agriculture industries as well as an international guru and speaker in the beauty industry, Kelly is now focused on helping other businesses shine in the spotlight while she is at the helm of Venone Public Relations. She is a regular contributor for several print and digital publications including Thrive Global and Dermascope Magazine.