Choice of Happiness by Paula Tooths

Tainted truth echo’s the world in which we live. Not a day passes without something else happening that will cause us to worry, maybe not of ourselves, perhaps that’s already past a point but for those whom we look to carry on long after we have gone. Though we strive to do better and we want to resolve all the world’s problems our destructive nature has placed us on a hurtling path of chaos and despair leaving little to the imagination. 

Of course, we shall battle on and try to undo the wrongs of the right but not before more tears are shed. Why must it be this way and what has caused such an unsavoury rift upon mankind. The bare lies we’ve been fed and the threats that have been made are enough to tip any scale, but when you add those who wish to profit from such misery for their own gain, a future built off a strewth of lies placed Infront of man to persuade them of the glorious benefits this chaos will derive. 

Our hearts can be broken and our trust may be strained but we can never allow them to destroy our spirit, that same spirit that has a beat of a billion drums. That beat that beats as one and they know, they know when the beating gets so loud the people will no longer be fooled and the wolves dressed as sheep will be exposed. And when we do, a new world will be born free from the chains and shackles placed by those who control by greed. 

As I sit here wondering what lies ahead, I notice a small spider sitting across the way where he has sat every day for many days just watching what I say. I wonder what crosses his mind and what he did today? I wonder why he sits there looking at me and what he does when I am gone. I suspect they know more, animals big and small, creatures of all sizes from all places look on at what we have done and try to exist with us, together as one. 

Loved ones from the past, those who share our hearts but no longer share our world. Where are they now and what do they know? One day we will find each other again and be as one but not before another war, another battle and so on and on but the time will come and when the dust clears, we will have won, as one and forever but until that time has come to pass, we must simply carry on. Another day, another month. We keep going because together we are one.