Here’s a challenge for you to try for one week, then report back.

Each day, after someone has served you or driven you or checked you in at a hotel or been a cashier at a market or warehouse department store or TSA gate, say the following to the person (unless they seem overly pressured).

  • Hello (say their name), thank you, my name is (your name)
  • I have a question for you…(if they’re look startled reassure them), no, you didn’t do anything wrong)
  • What made you smile today?

And then watch their response and then feel your response when they tell you.

Here’s how a couple guys did the challenge for a week in NYC:

On their Facebook page, they have received 32.5 k views.

If you watch the video you’ll discover that there’s more to this than meets the eye, or shall we say, meets your smile.

Asking someone what made them smile today takes them from feeling cortisoled up and stressed out and give them a burst of oxytocin as they feel bonded to you and your caring. This then causes them to feel a surge of dopamine and pleasure.

And then guess what?

Their oxytocin from bonding with you and dopamine from being grateful to you, causes you to feel oxytocin and dopamine in return.

Want to see more about what’s involved?

Check out my TEDx talk, What Made You Smile Today?

Feel enthused? Feel a little less stressed out?

Then join our movement at: or at #WMYST

BTW… what made YOU smile today?


  • Mark Goulston, M.D.

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