piece of well-written work will connect things. . A
piece of well-written work will connect things. Good writing will always
narrate a story to the reader to which they can relate with. Too often, writers make a mistake by judging
themselves against other writers. Too often, writers make a mistake by judging
themselves against other writers. Those with the slicker writing style and better vocabulary think that they are the best in the lot. It’s rational to believe that becoming a good writer or writing well requires formal education to some extent it’s true, but not entirely correct.

Good writers don’t always have to quote Shakespeare; neither have they used four and five syllable words. They don’t try to impress their readers with content that rhymes or goes in a flow from beginning to the end. Good writers focus on only one thing, and that’s how they will connect with their reader because that’s the most important thing to them.

Write To Be Understood By Your Reader

A good writer will always write their content in such a way that it is comprehended easily by the targeted audience. Small words, big words, made up words, absolutely anything that grabs the attention of the targeted audience.

Write In Your Tone And Style

My number one rule, write in your tone and style. You will find it difficult if you try to copy someone else, don’t copy take the idea and write in your voice, that way you will always connect with your reader.

Embrace Weaknesses And Flaws

The main difference between an excellent writer and an okay writer is not the talent or years of experience; it somewhat understands the fact what they can do and what they can’t do. If you sound like a bumbling goof who is using big words, then you might want to put down the thesaurus when you write your next post. If your vocabulary is limited, who cares? As long as you are writing good and your audience connects with it keep writing.

Write Like You Stole Something

A lot of blogs out there play safe. They talk about all the boring stuff that is already talked about.

Stop doing that.

Tell a story or share an experience that has not happened to someone else, or you have been holding it back for years out of fear of embarrassment. The internet is all about being viral, who knows your story becomes the most talked topic.

Now, arrange your desk, clear your mind and get to writing. Any tips that you’ve found that makes writing more comfortable to share with us in the comments below.