He travels the world, has established his business in over 70 countries, spoken on stages in more than 35 countries, bought his dream car and dream house, and has touched thousands of lives, changed them for good — he’s only 25 years old.

Anthony Napolitano is only starting out but he has already made great strides in providing financial education to thousands of people from all over the world. From entrepreneurs, businessmen, to regular people who wanted to learn and make better decisions when it comes to their finances, Anthony has been their go-to.

Most people across the world don’t know a thing or two about financial literacy. Even worse, lots of people know financial literacy and can engage in financial topics but it does not mean they will make the right decisions when it comes to managing their money.

Anthony saw this problem on the lack of financial education and so with his influence and knowledge, he worked on making sure everyone is empowered to make better decisions when it comes to their finances. Today, Anthony Napolitano is helping people from around the world expand their lives financially, providing an effective suite of services that helps individuals make, manage, and save money on a daily basis. In fact, he has already changed the lives of thousands of people.

He’s become one of the youngest top earners in the network marketing industry.  He attributes it to his work ethic, focus, consistency, and commitment. Anthony has already accomplished more than most people accomplish in a lifetime.

For Anthony, there’s no shortcut to success and everyone must put in the work. In fact, he believes that every entrepreneur should be able to work on their skills, grow these, and make sure they can use these skills to their advantage. Success happens when your focus, vision, and consistency come together.

He leads a team who are self-starters and are constantly hungry to make themselves better so they can, in turn, make the world better. He serves as a great example to his team on what can take place when someone truly commits. Anthony has been an entrepreneur his entire life. Today, he’s seeing where his hard work would take him.

Anthony currently resides in Florida but is always on the move with his team. His mission is to reach as many people around the world that are in need of making extra income.

He is also making sure that all of these tours across the globe and talks in many stages in front of people from all walks of life are worth it by not just providing information to people but also helping them understand. Finance is difficult to understand, there are terms that are unfamiliar but in reality, people just need to be explained of what it really is. Anthony keeps things as simple as possible so anyone can grasp the concepts.

Today, touring and speaking on stage sharing his insights to people have become a vocation, not just passion. It’s only the beginning but he’s focused on taking it to another level. Many more lives to change and many more countries to visit.