Rayol Hwang is the CEO of Hillstone Partners, Korea’s first M&A company. At Hillstone, Rayol is responsible for their new and innovative financial technology that combines traditional investing with blockchain technology. Rayol has over 20 years of experience and has founded eighteen start-ups in fields as varied as music, cosmetics, games, IT, fashion design, blockchain and other web developments.

What sets Hillstone Partners apart from other investment firms?

Hillstone is doing something no one else in Korean finance is doing. Our new products – “Fundy” and “Investors” leverage blockchain technology in a way that allows people to more easily invest in Korean opportunities. Right now, foreign investors face a lot of regulations and laws that limit transactions. Block chain is a method for investing that doesn’t have limitations on it like traditional currencies, and Hillstone is on the cutting edge of this technology.

What are you proud of about Hillstone Partners?

I’m proud of the team of people working on this project. Hillstone Partners is a traditional finance firm that started in the early 1990s, but today we are innovators who are bringing something new to the market. Everyone on the team now is 100% invested in making this new technology work for our investors. It’s exciting to go to work every day and see what a difference our team makes.

What motivates you?

I am very excited to make these new financial products available to people. Making something new and exciting for people has always been my main motivation. I want to be a pioneer. When I was in the music business, it was about producing something new and exciting for people to hear. So in the same way, I want people to be excited about something new in finance.

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