I first came across the practice of meditation through a teacher online. I  then downloaded it over my phone through an app called Headspace. Although there’s a lot of applications & links available over the internet and most of them are almost free. The first experience was really calming, It brought me down to my core and felt it deeply on all of my senses. It’s refreshing, it reminds you of of the importance of the present moment, thus what is important is what we have in the moment. It lets you r your mind to wander for while, the feeling I must say is very, very light, then it brings you to some sort of a dream of what you want, your desires, things that are very important like your love ones, family & friends. 

If you by any chance is experiencing some sort of anxiety, pressure or stress, a person can practice the breathing as a relaxation technique which is very vital in this practice. It usually goes like breathing in from the nose then breathing to the mouth. The practice  meditation was widely used by many successful not because this is necessary, but because they find vital for their heath as well. It an be done any time of the day but usually its done before you go to sleep or upon waking up, right just before you start the day. When I feel like my brain is storming and my body saying its tired enough, I at least do the breathing exercises. Racing thoughts can be lessened through this practice. 

Apart form the breathing exercises, you can go with a friend to start meditating or joining a group where then shared energies are most effective. There is also meditation done as retreat courses. Environment is necessary, it must be calm and cozy, with just enough lighting. The art of mediation can be done in a minute or so and the longest that I’ve encountered was through an interview where one meditates as long as 2 to 4 hours. That was pretty amazing. 

I usually do this before I go to sleep, whenever I came across a stressful situation and when I wake up. It helps me concentrate to the things that are important, like if you’re at work, it will help you focus, if you’re struggling in a certain relationship, it will remind you of what’s important. And in a moment thus, changes your whole life. Thus, the art of mindfulness and meditation.