This world isn’t black, nor is it white. It would be an understatement to say that we cannot define what this world for what it actually is. We might be considering this world to be an unfair adobe of inhumanity, disgrace and poverty. But if we take a look at our daily life, we would notice those small things which have gone unnoticed and unappreciated.

I experienced compassion and support when I went on my first ever solo trip to Nandi Hills. It is a place 72 km away from Bangalore, where I reside. I am basically from Tamil Nadu in India. My mother tongue is Tamil. All I did was learn the local language, Kannada, to feel familiar with the place. It was all worth it.

I chose Ola cab. The driver was also an extremely friendly person. He was explaining to me about the place and what the speciality over there is.

After reaching Nandi hills, I was mesmerised by the hill-point view and the ambience of the hill-top temple. I was talking to the locals in Kannada, which delighted them. They too helped me by letting me know the history of the place and speaking about the nearby places.

One lady who owns a shop nearby asked her father to accompany me since I was all alone. He was residing in a nearby village and he showed me all the places. I was conversing with him in Kannada throughout the trip. He appreciated my efforts to learn the language. He took me to the nearby restaurant where I tasted the best ever fried fluffy rice.

He then safely helped me return back to my location. Before leaving, I offered to pay for him. He refused the amount and said, “You remind me of my granddaughter. I don’t want you to pay for me. All I need is you need to safely return back to your place. Try avoiding solo travels at unknown places. There are a few people here who might charge you for petty reasons. When you want to visit here next time, call me,” saying so, he offered me his contact number.

The way people are protective of a girl in India is something this world can learn from! There are surveys where India is termed to be one of the dangerous places in this world for women. But it is not the case exactly. There are plenty of pure souls who would be willing to act as your samaritan when you need any help.

I am thankful to the people of Karnataka for making me feel safe and at home. I just wish to learn the language well and converse more fluently.

If you are into solo travelling, I would suggest you understand the culture of the place, research on it well and grab a few lines in the local language. That would make a lot of difference in your travel experience.

Solo travel is not a bad idea. Wherever you go, all you need to do is embrace their culture and spread pure love. It is going to make this world a better place for you as well as others! Chunking out the negativity and being true and honest to yourself is of foremost importance.

A world without violence, hatred and ego is possible only through embracing mankind for what it actually is. Every person is unique. Every culture is different. It is better to accept this fact without any prejudices.

Like water, you should be flexible enough to adapt to this world without letting your ego take a front seat. If you can put yourself in the shoes of the people and try to merge with them, this world is going to love you back! According to me, that’s what you term as real success!