Two weeks ago, as I was preheating my oven for dinner, with my baby in her high chair by my side, my oven caught on fire…and that’s not the most interesting part.

Terrified, I grabbed the fire extinguisher, and when my husband wasn’t able to put it out using it,I called 911, we grabbed our kids and dogs, ran outside, and waited for the fire truck to arrive.

Because of my husband’s quick thinking to turn off the power to the house,the fire was out by the time the sirens arrived, but what was really interesting was what happened next.

After we were cleared to go back in, we sat on the back porch so we wouldn’t breathe the fire extinguisher smoke, talking about what we were going to order for takeout, and I watched myself slowly be overcome with stress, even panic, that felt way irrational.

My husband looked at me and asked, “Are you ok?” And I automatically, like the people-pleaser I USED to be, replied “Yes!” without checking to see if that was actually true. He astutely replied, “No you’re not. WHAT is going on with you? We’re all safe, it’s all fine.”

I realized that what was happening was a delayed reaction triggered by the PTSD I have about not being able to keep my baby safe (because, of course, I wasn’t able to keep Maeve, my first daughter that I lost when 37 weeks pregnant, safe).

And Christine under extreme stress/PTSD is NOT a pretty sight, let me tell you. I was on the verge of a panic attack, and freaking out over spending money on takeout…which was totally illogical.

Why was I doing that? Because in flight or fight, our core stories come out. And one of the core stories I’ve been working on for years is the fear of not enough.

I reverted to an earlier, reactive version of myself.

So this time, with all the tools I have, once I realized what was happening, I immediately started shifting myself out of it, using tapping/EFT, breathing, and the things I have learned to regulate my nervous system and help me feel safe.

It was a microcosm of how we so often treat our lives + businesses as the problem ALL THE TIME (like I was treating needing to buy takeout as the “problem”)…when it’s really just us reacting to some core story like:

“I’m not enough,”

“There’s not enough,”

“I’m not worthy of making things easier on myself,”

“No one wants to be around me.”

If you don’t know your core stories, I guarantee you they are running the show, unchecked.

So my question for you is, do you know your core stories and how they play into your business? If not, what are you going to do to learn them?

Because whatever you think your biggest challenge in business is right now, it’s probably ACTUALLY a core belief that’s the issue — not the more surface level strategy that’s “presenting.”

Now, I know that’s a lot. It can feel heavy. But it’s also exciting and full of possibility, because once you identify those stories, you can work with them, take them out of the driver’s seat, and start to get what you want — anyway.

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