Earth Is a System of Forces That Must Maintain Balance

The natural system we live in is a system of forces operating at different levels of inanimate, vegetative, living and human beings. It is a closed, integral system, where even the most remote elements are completely interconnected. The relationship between the pieces is so interdependent that each part affects the entire system.

Think of our body as an example for a harmonious system. When any organ is out of balance, it throws the whole body out of balance and causes an illness. Physicians examine the balance across the systems in our body, and when they receive the test results, they diagnose the state of our body in relation to the norm. If certain parameters are too high or too low, it means that our body is not in good health.

Until the last fifty years or so, we lived in relative balance on Earth. In other words, this nice home that feeds and sustains us, was relatively “healthy.”

The illness emerged as we breached our balance with nature. We have been emitting carbon dioxide, polluting the oceans with non-biodegradable waste, fertilizing the soil with chemicals, feeding cattle and poultry with antibiotics, and the list goes on. The chemical and non-natural compounds don’t break down in the soil or the air, and ultimately we feed on them again and again. As a result, new diseases emerge within us and around us.

Why Earth Is Sick

As long as the human ego controls our actions, the situation will only get worse. Greed drives corporations to use toxic substances in agriculture and medicine, and the integrity of nature is the least of their priorities. Governments are subject to tycoons, and scientists conduct their research according to the interests of the heads of industry and commerce.

Thus, we’ve thrown the natural system out of balance, and as a result we witness “natural diseases.” Just like a person who shows symptoms that indicate he is on the way out of his health range, our planet is getting sick. The “physicians of nature,” the scientists who study the various climatic conditions, are noticing that we are facing a terrible outbreak of disease.

Even if it seems that the climate is wonderful in one region and stormy in the other, this is all temporary. The planet is round and the natural system is integral. Ultimately, just like a foot infection can gradually spread throughout the body, the diseases of nature will spread throughout the planet.

But instead of working towards balance with nature, we continue to work for the short term benefit of the rich and powerful. In turn, inequality and polarization grow within human society, and society as a whole grows increasingly out of balance with nature. As the gap continues to grow, the blows of nature will cost us a great deal of suffering, sickness and death. Just consider the amount of damage that one earthquake can cause.

The Human Ego Blocks the Healing Process

Ultimately, climate destabilization will force us to change our ways. We will have to become conscious and wary of our balance with nature, and our connection with each other inside this integral system.

In fact, this change should have happened from the middle of the twentieth century, as we began to be bound through global interdependence in commerce, industry, economics, media, and so forth. The human race should have begun to act in mutual responsibility. That is, to take care of the needs of all mankind, while maintaining balance with nature.

But the reality is that we cannot even deal with our global challenges and their rapid spread because our own ego stands in the way. The human ego doesn’t care about climate change and is ready to trample any agreement on its way to getting its hands on every single penny.

Therefore, it is the human ego that we must balance first if we are to reach any stable agreements between us. Treaties such as the “Kyoto Protocol” or the “Paris Agreement” only serve to show us the futility of any attempt to solve our problems without taking the human ego into account.

Balance with Nature Starts with Balance between Us

To change our fate on this planet, we must begin with harmonizing the connection between all human beings.

The world is a single creation, and even our psychology and our inner forces interact with nature in ways that we don’t see or understand. Our thoughts and our intentions have a lot to do with our balance with nature.

We’re at a unique point in human development, where everyone can begin to see the need for harmonious human connections on a global scale, and yet, we don’t have the power and method to make that happen.

This is why the wisdom of Kabbalah is being revealed today. Authentic Kabbalah is not a new or ancient religion, it’s not mysticism and it’s not a philosophy. Rather, it is an empirical method that teaches us how we can achieve balance with nature through activating our deep wiring for human connection.

Everything depends on the relationship between human beings. When we realize that and begin to consciously act on that, the whole system of nature will give us positive feedback. We will begin to sense that we are a global human family, and Earth is our only home.

The above words are from Michael Laitman‘s Hurricane Michael’s Devastation only Tip of Iceberg

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The following workshop in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is a good example of how we can come together. It is unfortunate that we have to experience so much suffering to reach these insights:

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