plants mindfulness

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that spending time on our mental health is a top priority. Whether it’s through meditation or yoga, practicing mindfulness is an important way to support our mental health. In self-isolation I’ve brought several plants into my home, and have since felt their benefits in helping me practice mindfulness. Here are several ways that plants help us become more mindful: 


Each of my plants is beautiful in its own way. My pothos has playful leaves that trail downward; my snake plant has spiky and striped tongues that reach upwards; my peace lily is dramatic and droops as soon as she’s even slightly dehydrated. Every day I take time to notice my plants’ condition, and appreciate the present moment each time. 


Did you know that plants move as they breathe? They supply us with clean oxygen as they clear toxins from the air. Let plants be your reminder to take a pause and breathe deeply to ground in the present. 

Practice Minimalism

It can be tempting to collect tons of plants at a time. But once you start caring for them, you start to realize that each one requires time and attention in order to thrive. As with anything else we bring into our homes, plants remind us to appreciate what we have, and abstain from impulsively collecting new material items.


Taking care of plants can be an excellent meditative practice. Whether it’s watering, wiping leaves, or checking for bugs, small acts we do to maintain our plants helps to bring us closer to nature and appreciate the connectedness of all living things.