Can I get vulnerable with you? This morning as I was getting ready, I went to my underwear drawer looking for something to wear today. It’s not like it is a special day, or is it? I’m working from home, running errands and later going for a run. As I looked in my panty drawer, suddenly I saw the red polka-dotted one. It’s not like it hasn’t been there for a while — OK more like years. Why haven’t I worn that pair? I love them!

I pulled them out and tried them on and I remembered how I bought them 7 years ago on a trip to Paris with my ex-husband, when I was lighter and not so “fluffy!”

What happened? I used to wear fun and colorful underwear ALL the time no matter the occasion because I was wearing them for ME, to make me feel feminine and sexy, especially when I was wearing camouflage uniform all day. It was my little guilty pleasure, so to speak.

I’ll tell you what happened, I let life get in the way! Work, business, family, divorce, a move across country, a new city, new job, a broken heart, financial strain, weight gain. You name it, I experienced it.

As I went through my drawer (and yes, they are neatly folded most of the time!), I tried many of them on and realized how much I loved wearing all of them. They are all beautiful and comfortable and they make me feel alive. You are probably thinking, well you have all those panties because you own the store but truth be told, I loved panties way before I loved bras because I could never find a bra that fit until I opened my store, so I had a love affair with beautiful panties for a looooong time!

Getting reacquainted with my old lovely “unmentionables,” I was reminded that there are people right now that don’t even have clean underwear to put on because their lives were turned up-side down after a natural disaster, because they are homeless, because they can’t even afford them or simply because they forgot to love themselves.

I want to leave you with two things as I close this post: First, take the time to donate panties, not money but panties, to a worthy cause. We are supporting Undies for Everyone. Second, don’t take anything for granted, even the smallest thing. Yes, even wearing colorful and beautiful panties is a treat (and they don’t have to be expensive). Don’t make excuses not to take care of yourself and trust me, I have made those same excuses myself: I’ll wear prettier undies or even bras when I lose weight, have more money, get a new job, have a boyfriend or husband.

Stop the madness, you are worth it NOW, right where you are! Take care of you and remember to Feel Beautiful Underneath every day! 


  • Frances Crespo

    Social Entrepreneur, US Navy Veteran-Advocate, Applied Behavior Analysis, Planning & Strategic Coach, Fearless, Adventurous & Powerful Woman, Influencer4Good