Hair brush in hand and Tina Turner on the radio, I flip my hair while belting out these words of a song that was popular way before my time. As I lip synced to myself in the mirror the question took on a new meaning and I began to consider what’s love really got to do with success in life?

Several years ago I discovered just how quintessential love is to overall success. And not just romantic love but the kind of love that is the single most creative force in the universe that allows you to manifest your heart’s desires.

I had to learn the hard way that life is only a mirror reflecting how I am “being” in the world. I found myself being grossly undervalued at work in my relationship and overall in life. I didn’t have the courage to speak up and demand what I deserved even though I have never had a self-confidence problem. I found myself surrounded by takers, judgmental people and leaches draining my energy.

One day after a particularly bad day at work I got a call from an old friend. She was someone I considered to be a spiritual mom so it was great to hear from her especially when I felt like crap. I proceeded to tell her what had been going on with me and she said,

“Well you need to change your frequency baby.”

I was like “What?” Then she said,

“Listen, the girl I am talking to now is not the person I know, you need to raise your frequency so that you can get back to where you belong.” She continued to say, “See baby the whole universe is energetic vibration and you are no exception. The universe will only give you what you feel worthy of. On this low frequency you are pushing away anything good because your field of energy is not receptive. In this state you can’t get what you deserve but instead you get what is projected from within you out into the world.”

As she spoke those words of enlightenment into me it was like a light bulb went off. I finally realized that my internal feelings of unworthiness were creating external reflections. I wasn’t asking for what I deserved because I didn’t feel worthy! I was settling for less and dishonoring my hearts desires because I did not feel good enough to have them. It dawned on me that confidence is overrated and there is a huge difference between self-esteem and self-love.

Self-esteem is conditional and based in judgment while self-love is based in non-judgmental, unconditional acceptance that you are valuable regardless of what’s going on around you.

Before my spiritual mom hung up the phone she said,

“I want you to know that in this moment you are perfect, valuable and worthy of all good.”

She changed my life that day and overtime, through practice, my whole circumstances shifted. In order to manifest the objects of your heart’s desires, you must know that you are worthy of receiving. This means being completely connected in heart, mind, body, and soul with the YOU at the center of your beYOUtiful life and hence you pay attention to and honor your desires.

So what’s love got to do with success? Everythang baby!

If you think this is spiritual hocus-pocus then I have news for you because science now corroborates this truth. Ground breaking research has allowed scientists to measure human vibration using muscle testing to determine where they are on the vibrations scale, which was introduced by the late Dr. Hawkins in his book ‘Power vs Force’.

On the scale heavy emotions like sadness, guilt or humiliation vibrate at low frequencies, while feelings like love, peace, joy and enlightenment vibrate at uplifting, high frequencies. Love vibrates at 500 and above.

Raising your love vibration is not just essential for your overall success and fulfillment it also impacts the world because as we each raise our vibration we help to raise overall vibration and consciousness. And as we give ourselves more love we find that we start taking better care of our self and our bodies react to this positive energy with better health.

As I have learned to prioritize my own self-compassion I have seen the world around me change to reflect the value and worthiness I show myself. The mirror can only reflect what is presented in front of it so make sure you are giving yourself the best in order to receive the best.

Here are the five steps I took to move out of low, static energy to begin vibrating on the higher level of love:

  1. I forgave myself for not honoring my truth.
  2. I developed a habit of expressing gratitude for my current circumstances and respect its perfect place in maturing me into who I am becoming
  3. I Embraced my inherent worthiness of all Good
  4. I Cleared my heart and spirit of un-forgiveness and negative vibrations towards others
  5. I committed to unconditional self-compassion

I have made these five steps into an ongoing practice and I guard my energy everyday by being mindful and surrounding myself with supportive and loving people. I hope you will find these practices useful as well.

And as you turn to leave I pull you closer and whisper these words in your ear,

“I want you to know that in this moment you are perfect, valuable and worthy of all good.”

Click here to watch the LevantayTV episode that breaks down the five steps I took back to self compassion.

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