In recent years there’s been a revolution of sorts in the workplace. Companies are finding it not only trendy, but also profitable, to prioritize the overall wellness of their employees. While work-life-balance might be a bit of a misnomer, employers are doing revolutionary things to ensure their most valued resources remain well-oiled while at work. That means investing in workplace wellness.

We’ve all heard of ergonomic keyboards, standing desks, or even casual Fridays. While still beneficial to health on the job, just like workouts can become mundane if you don’t mix it up, workplace wellness hinges on staying fresh. With that in mind, here are some fun new ways to improve health and raise productivity in the workplace.

Stay Well Together

There is strength in numbers. Especially when it comes to fitness, it always helps when a friend or colleague holds you accountable by showing up right there with you. So schedule 10 to 15 minutes daily, in a conference room or break room, to have people join together and do some Desk Yogi There’s nothing like a guided group meditation session to get you comfortable with chanting “ohm” or a fitness challenge like lunges or planks to get your blood pumping.

Don’t Forget “Meditation Mondays”

People are busy, they need reminders. Hence the invention of the “planner” turned iCal. But often times, really busy people start to tune out ongoing email notifications or Outlook reminders. One fun way to keep people on track are with weekday wellness themes. Set aside different days of the week for various themes. That way the guy that already has a fitness regimen can just show up for “Meditation Mondays” or the seasoned yogi just has to remember to pop in for healthy meal planning on “Tasty Tuesdays.”

Everyone Loves a Challenge

A little friendly competition can go a long way in fostering healthy habits. Arrange a company sponsored challenge where everyone that completes the challenge is entered to win a prize. For example, you could promote the Desk Yogi Monthly Challenge, and every person who completes the challenge is entered to win a prize sponsored by your office…giving two chances to win, since Desk Yogi also offers a monthly prize! To keep the healthy theme going, prizes could be things like a FitBit, a healthy lunch on the company or a day off to recharge. To make things more interactive and encourage team building, you could create a teams, and the team with the highest number of members to complete the challenge wins.

These are three core pillars on how to make wellness in the workplace more inspired and energetic. As with anything, though, the workplace is constantly evolving. Stay tuned as I continue to share new ideas to keep your mind, body and spirit well while you work. Got any creative ways that you like to stay healthy at work? Share your ideas with me in the comment section below!

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