Think about this, really, how important is writing? To figure this out, one need to only look around, anywhere, anytime. If you look, you will find it. Writing is everywhere! And when you don’t see it in letters, you can see it in pictures. But the bottom line is that in almost every aspect of one’s day, and in almost every aspect of one’s life, it is right there. Everywhere you look, writing is there!

A baby is born! What’s the first thing that the parents want to send out? Announcements are standard procedure. And even those who don’t announce the birth of the baby in a card, a letter or a postcard, will announce it with a gift, a cigar, a pen, but wait for it. There is always writing on the gift. And the writing on the gift, the personalization, the details of the birthday, is what makes the gift a keepsake.

Writing is everywhere. And then after the baby is born, there are other times when the writing is just there, some necessities, the instructions to the new mother, instructions to take home, advice for the parents. Along with the instructions there might be sample packages of ‘baby’ products. And even before the baby is taken home, you might receive the offer of the ‘first photograph’ and the writing is on there also. Baby’s name, birthday and sometimes how many pounds the baby weighs, just might be included with the new babe’s first photographs.

There are the books, both before and after the birth, important books that contain important information on how to care for the baby, on how to dress the baby and how to make sure that the baby has the proper health by going to the doctors. All the information is in the writing, whether the writing be in long hand (cursive) or in print or even in writing on a DVD, it’s all there. From the start, before the start, and after the birth of the baby, the writing is there.

You probably can’t go anywhere without seeing writing. Go to school? Go to business? Go to the spa? Go to a community center? Go to the gas station? Go to a place of worship? Go on vacation? Yes, indeed. You can’t go anywhere without seeing the writing. I put the challenge out to you while you read this. Have you seen a place where there is no writing?

From the before the moment of birth (the writing in the operating room) to all the in-between moments, to the moment of death and burial, there is at least one thing that is common to all of them and that’s the letters, the writing. There are books, magazines, pamphlets, commercials, signs, textbooks, warranty booklets, comic books, kids’ books, adult books, spiritual books, and many more; they are all out there. Our world is filled with writing.

And so, why shouldn’t you be one of those who does the writing? Come on now, you are a great writer. You just need to begin.

No more delays! Sit down now and begin that writing that you promised yourself so many years ago. Pause from your busy schedule and write at least three pages of your book. Now you’ve got it. Now build on this. Write three pages every day and then figure out how many pages your book has at the end of this time period!