I took the attached photograph at a relaxed moment of a family visit to our local lake (yes, I know I am very lucky to live somewhere that can class the immense Lake Geneva in such a blasé manner).

It captures so much for me personally.  The calm of the water, the mountains calling from the distance.  My daughter playing and learning the way that seven-year-olds do.  The boat peacefully sailing by, powered only by the strength of the wind.  And a structure solely engineered to provide enjoyment – a diving platform.

My wife is out of picture, but I know she was there, just behind me, relaxing in the sun, enjoying the same scene laid out in front of her.

I am currently at a slight cross roads in my life where my job may be changing and some life decisions need to be made.

What’s going to help me define the way forward from here?  This photo – everything that inspires me is here – family, nature, adventure, and creating things that make people happy.

Finding your sources of happiness, your motivations, inspirations is key and doesn’t need to be over complicated.

Whilst the photo encompasses everything for me personally it was taken completely by chance – only looking at is afterwards did I realize why it worked for me.  Building the process the other way round is more realistic.

Within creative environments ‘mood boards’ (http://www.creativebloq.com/graphic-design/mood-boards-812470) are used to envision difficult concepts.  It works here too – find pictures, locations, people, situations, experiences that resonate with you put them together and understand your desires and motivations better.

What inspires you?  What processes do you use to understand what is important?