Passion Led Us Here

The 18 to 25 age group of this era faces an inevitable conflict, and that is What Should I Do? At this age, you are almost on the verge of finishing your education and getting ready to face the world. People make plans, take consultation, entrepreneurship sessions, and even spend money just to build a future they want in their mindset.

The chaotic illusion we are now in feels like being trapped inside a maze that is surrounded by parents’ wishes, continuous relatives’ criticism, domestic pressure, financial instability, and much more. I’m not saying that exceptions aren’t there, but the same happens with the majority.

In student life, we used to dream big without knowing that not any empire is built without committed hard work, consistency, and vision. Either you choose a job or business, you must remain honest with yourself.

There is a more important discussion that comes prior to Job vs. Business paradox. The most critical aspects you must keep in mind while stepping into the practical world are now discussed because I believe that in 2021 and later, the prosperous survival of the Millennials and Generation Z depends on these aspects.


Yes! And that’s true. Whatever your passion is, smartly follow that passion and make your own empire in it. But wait, let me tell you what passion is in this context.

Passion is anything you like and enjoy doing.

It’s that simple. The problem occurs when you confuse yourself by making non-existent scenarios in your mindset. Once you start thinking about the competition, the chances of your failure increases. Thus, if you have a passion, follow it. Money will follow your passion, and your satisfaction will be eternal.

If you haven’t found a passion yet, don’t panic. It will take time, but you have to explore yourself more by giving yourself time.

Plus, my passion is to share my thoughts by writing, albeit I hold an engineering degree. I pursue my passion because I’ve made a roadmap in which there is no competition, thus no failure. Only learning, falling and getting up, and exploring.

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Find a sound reason when you start doing something. Everything, every thought that comes in our mind, there is a Why behind it. If you know that Why, you are doing good. If you don’t, then you are on the wrong track. I’ve seen people who are highly talented and experienced in a particular skill, but they are not satisfied. This happens because of two reasons:

  1. They either don’t know the Why behind what they are doing
  2. They left their passion and started doing what they don’t like

There is a pretty fine line in doing what you don’t like. You can make good money, but who will put out the fire of passion in your heart? The agony of not doing what you like eats you from inside, and you lose the connection of eternal satisfaction.

Your Why must be sound enough that whenever someone tries to debilitate your pursuit of passion, instead of letting your confidence gets shaken, you get more power and motivation. That’s the power of having a sound Why.


I can’t explain the term Vision in such a small context because it itself is a whole universe. Here, by Vision, I mean you must see yourself after 10 years following your passion. To do this, your mind must be empty of all the biases, and there must be no filter opposing your passion.

The filter includes:

  • Self-doubt
  • Reluctance
  • Fear

Once you make a clear vision following your passion, you will see that there is actually no hindrance between you and your successful empire. It’s you sitting over there, satisfied. No pressure, no fear, no hesitancy; it’s just you and what you like doing.

Picture Credits: Unsplash

Before the final words, I want to say that

Do what you are good at, and success will follow you!

Final Words

If you observe, there is no comparison between doing a job or a business. Once you start following your passion, you will see that job and business are nothing but mere topics of discussion. Once you achieve a couple of milestones following your vision, you will realise that every skill has unmatched value, and there exists absolutely nothing as competition. People are just in illusion who gauge their success from others’ measuring tools. Your skill will be liked by some, and others’ skills will be liked by others.