Stories are the making of history. They are a thread of knowledge for spiritual teachers and students. They deliver into the hearts of children bedtime tales of comfort and safety.

Stories allow the gift of our wondrous imaginations to take us to magical places, see through the eyes of others and even covet the gift of a Jedi.

Some ancestral stories are guarded by our elders. The wise ones who get to decide when the yarn of a tale gets spun or the ever so slightly fictitious elements of family myths get shared.

I remember the most colorful stories of my family (think gangster for an uncle and wildly famous inventor as a cousin) were told by my father during his last year of life. It’s as if he knew his time to tell the fables of growing up on Coal Hill Road in a small Ohio town with immigrant parents was coming to an end.

These are the fun stories. The ones that bring other characters to life.

And then there are tales that we tell ourselves that aren’t so fun…

…the anxious narrative of negative self chatter

…the jealous voice that creates a story of comparison that never feels good

…the doubting whisper that we’ll never be good enough or have enough.

These stories are the ones we want to shred, burn and put to rest as they are the words that make us turn our backs on living life to the fullest with joy, passion and purpose.

How to rid these nasty webs that feed the subconscious mind and create all kinds of havoc in our personal and business lives?

Take these 3 steps to heart. Rinse and repeat until they become a habit.


Re-boot by asking this questions:  “Do I want to feel this way?” This is important as the way we are feeling is directly related to the thoughts (or story) flowing through our brain. Often humans never take the pause to decide if they even WANT the story reeling through their head—so the opportunity to let go, eludes them.

2. Repurpose:

Re-purpose is all about remembering how you want to feel. What YOU are about. It’s the reminder that at some point (and perhaps just this morning) you had a purpose and were driven by it. Yet somehow a nasty little novelette got in the way and created some internal drama. Repurposing gives you an anchor to get back to your true north. (You can even choose a new purpose. )

3. Reignite:

This is you re-writing your story. It’s like an override on your human operating system that upgrades what’s happening not just in your conscious thought process but in your subconscious as well. Reigniting and rewriting are the keys to directing your internal being so that the external creations match your vision.

Let’s face it, our minds are an energy force that have the ability to create a Masterpiece or a B movie. The muscle of directing your thoughts is a practice, an art. And once you master this, you master living life.

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