Don’t you love great stories? I do. Stories are amazing.

Stories are one of the best ways we can share information, motivate, inspire and teach others. Stories put learning points into context and give them a relatable meaning.

My favourite kind of stories are those about people going against the odds, accomplishing great things, and inspiring other people.

You know me, it’s about people for whom OK is NOT enough.

I’ve always wanted to be able to write a story like that about myself.

Here is one of my most favourite ones: Inspirational Heather Dorniden shows us that even when you fall flat on your face, you can turn things around and write a true success story that makes people go crazy!

Have you ever been in a situation like Heather, “falling flat on your face”? Maybe not literally but in some way?

Have you been disadvantaged or unfortunate when you attempted to reach some of your goals and dreams?

Many people feel that way.

In such situations, many people choose not even to try and give up. Because what is the point in trying if you don’t even have the same chance as others?

What if I told you that in fact, your disadvantage was a great opportunity? A great opportunity to create an amazing success story that could inspire hundreds or even thousands of people?

Heather clearly had the capacity to win. If she won without falling, she would likely be just another female runner who won a race.

However, the unfortunate fall gave her an amazing opportunity to show what true passion, a huge heart and determination can achieve.

What if you decided to look at your disadvantages as a great opportunity to show what you are truly capable of? How would your motivation to go the extra mile change if, on top of the actual accomplishment, you could become a true hero, a role model to many?

The truth is that we are telling a story all the time, whether we want to or not.

We may do it explicitly, by telling other people about our lives, what’s happening, what we do and don’t do, sharing our wins and complaints. Or, we do it implicitly, just going through our days, doing what we do. The truth is that others see us, and they see our story.

So my question is: What story are you telling?

Does your story inspire other people?

Most importantly, does your story inspire YOU?

If not, I encourage you to think about it for a moment.

Do you want just to get through life or do you want to write a story worth sharing? A story that will inspire others who need inspiration so badly.

What if someone came to you one day and said that thanks to you, they’ve turned their life around.

How would that feel?

Let’s do it!


  • Tomas Svitorka

    Life Coach, Mentor, Speaker, BSc (Hons) Psychology

    Tomas Svitorka Coaching - OK is NOT enough

    Tomas is a professional life coach, speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, and the founder of OK is NOT enough – the core philosophy he uses to coach professionals and entrepreneurs to help them raise standards of their performance and lifestyle so they can create the results and life they can be really proud of. Tomas has coached hundreds of clients including industry leaders, billionaire entrepreneurs, CEOs, rising stars in global corporations and influencers at the top of their game. He also often works with ambitious professionals who are just at the beginning of their personal development journey. What all his clients have in common is that they have an unshakable feeling that they're capable of so much more than what they have they’ve achieved thus far, and Tomas’ natural, down-to-earth and direct coaching style helps propel them into new levels of success. As a London Life coach he's has been featured in various podcasts and publications such as GQ and Vice, and has been a guest on several podcasts including The Unconventionalists. He is a mentor for the Threshold Accelerator, a 12-month business development course for startup entrepreneurs run by Dent Global, who are world leaders in business training.