We all want victory, success, happiness in our life, but very few of them can be achieved. Now the big question is – Success can be calculated by money?  Success can be measured to the big houses with sports car??

If we do not give an answer to these particular questions, then how will get to know these parameters are really matters to your happiness or not? Before we could pursue victory, we will need to know what real success is. Try to avoid a couple of minutes on social networking; you’ll be able to realize how beautiful life is, it is about creating wealth, owning a billion-dollar company or a big social media after. Many people have fought in their own way to achieve success more & more, but nobody is ready to find the exact reason for happiness. Everybody has their own strategy, own thoughts, own lifestyle to live their life accordingly, but not every person is really happy because they are chasing those things, are not worth it.

Could anybody tell me, what’s means to live an Amazing Life?

Firstly, we have to set our mind, our objectives, paths, career based on what we want, either is related to money, a big house, sports car or relationship. Suppose, this will not happen according to you, then what will happen? Your total happiness is depending on these things? If we consider the definition of success on a few achievements, surely, we will be let down.

Alright! Maybe there is a beautiful family, or a happy relationship exists so this cannot be defining our happiness? Honestly, I would say our mindset is everything. If we set our parameter (happiness) related to big cash or else that may not be able to find our happiness in this whole world? Some people are saying success brings more happiness; this is our main concern why we are defining our success to our happiness? Success and happiness are two different things. We even can’t depend our happiness on the material things.

What is the Perfect Definition to live a Fantastic Life?

Here, I would like to share my deep thoughts – life is simple. Our main cause is, most people live in the future or present and not living in the present. If we focus or enjoy our present then, automatically your future will be bright. You know what? Be conscious about them today if you truly active into the present then you will see the miracles in your life. Is it so? How miracles are possible? Everything is possible in this world. What we have to do? Just, we need to have grabbed the opportunity. If you are truly active in your daily routine definitely you will get the desired results. Do smart work with proper activeness, productivity is the key. If you concentrate on your daily routine activities then automatically, your mind is in control mode. If your mind is not feeling happy then not be able to concentrate on your work properly. So you need to work on your mental peace otherwise everything is vain.

Success and Happiness are Two Different Things?

Maybe to you, success is defined by wealth, a rich man, having a few sports cars or the owner of the particular company etc. or it may be to raise great things in your life but for me success is, have the ability to do what I love and make an impact on others Or have the freedom with the time and explore the world with full of nature. There is one important thing that, having a perfect balance between both my personal and professional life that provides me with the purpose, the meaning of life. 

There is not a necessity that which makes me happy does not make somebody will also feel happy, vice versa also. Everybody has a different vision related to life, if we don’t define our vision of success then definitely, someone will hire us to complete their vision. So be careful being you! It is very important to share the success to everyone, this makes you feel like so proud and provide you happiness also. Additionally, if we faced any failures in life about a particular goal then this should not be considered as unhappiness and must know it’s a part of life, just move on.

Before going down, ask yourself- Is really effective? What you have to learn a lesson from these? How do I grow further?

When we reach on a specific point, part of succeeding but we don’t want to stop there. This is a really a good spirit either you win or lose must have to go and go. Success is both target and travel also. We must have to push harder or harder, trying to find more and more to become a happier person in the whole world. What really matters is joy, happiness.

Positive vibes are must

If you are a positive thinker then congratulation you win the half battle of life, because this positive thinking leads to many things and at the point they will help you a lot. Always try to turn a negative situation into a positive situation whatever you are facing but must have to try to set a positive mindset. People are achieving so many things by doing this because the mindset is everything. And if you are concern about what you are thinking, you must know about what’s going on in your mind. If you still aware of your thoughts then this will be a great thing, some people even didn’t realize what they are thinking, and this is the best therapy to control our mind. 

The concluding word

Happiness is just within you, but what we are doing? We are trying to find happiness outside the zone. Happiness is within you, try to look yourself, surely you will find the better result. When you try this, you will be addicted to one. Spend some time with yourself; it’s necessary for our day to life. When you are spending some quality time then you will get to know how lucky you are. By doing this your thoughts will be clear after some time.