It’s quite obvious how lost the world is at the current moment. With the Donald Trumps of the world igniting themselves in positions of power and calling it “Greatness” to the way we choose to live and take from the Earth on a daily basis with no regard or care…

If you’re the slightest bit conscious in any way, you are feeling a push and pull to GO DEEPER and KNOW SOMETHING MORE than what’s going on in Hollywood or politics.

The spiritual world of the woo woo coaches is getting more real for basic people that even corporate job holders are wondering “what in the world is a DNA activation and why do I need one”.

Not too far and long ago, well over 26,000 years to be exact- a Eutopia on Earth did exist. We were harmonious with the Earth and with each other and we had solutions to world’s problems now like hunger and abundance- 99% of the world was thriving while 1% of the world was in total chaos. At this time we all lived in a space where we could connect to the truth of Infinite Intelligence at any time we chose- and there was no debate as to what or who or how you did “God”, it was to everyone a personal journey, but there was direct communication with sources. The secret societies didn’t exist, there was no being lied to about what was going on in the world by leaders- all was well.

Then, something shifted- Earth wanted to evolve in a different way, and our infinance got trapped inside of us. Beings of the universe that wish to create chaos came to Earth and trapped the harmonious benevolent beings into the third dimension by putting energetic seals on the strands of DNA- which made us become more chaotic and forget who we truly are.

And in 2012, the 26,000 year cycle of despair and chaos ended when the Mayan calender’s ended, and the world started waking up at an accelerated rate on a massive level… and this is where DNA activations come in.

If you are a regular human with no real understanding of spirituality and DNA work, then you are only using 3% of your DNA- where 97% of the DNA in your body is dormant or “unused”. This is because of the oppressive seals that have been put on your DNA by galactic beings that wish to see Earth live in chaos and fear- and you unconsciously were subject to their plan when you were born.

It is time for you to remember who you truly are behind the corporate persona and day to day human self, because deep down if your resonating with anything I say, even if it doesn’t really make sense- you are a light being and now it is your time!

When you get your DNA activated to 12 strands, your higher energy body, aka your higher spiritual chakras 8-12, are opened, and you are now able to access your infinite self. When you activate your strands to 24 and beyond you are now activating your Merkaba (light body), your vehicle to ascend and communicate with higher realms than the third dimension.

Opening up your DNA allows the higher galactic council of light to come thru and help you step into a mission and role to be a part of the greatest miracle that is about to happen on Earth.

You want to see a change, you gotta become the change- and that’s what a DNA activation does- it helps you calibrate to a level of embodying your true soul purpose here on this Earth without all the baggage that you have gained as being an oppressed human in this lifetime or others in any way- it’s all energy, baby!

If you’ve been wanting to heal your life on any level, whether your physically ill, emotionally unstable, unable to get thru your day to day- it’s REALLY because you are not connected to your TRUTH and your soul is screaming for you to STOP living the LIE.

And there is an actual reason you feel this way- and it has to do with your chakras and activating your DNA.

Your life is in need of a major change, and there is really no time to wait anymore. The timelines we once held so close to our hearts are no longer and they are crumbling, and pretty soon the only real power that you’ll have is your spiritual body and knowledge and strength.

The DNA activation is guarantee that you’ll be able to open fully to your ascension process to remember yourself and embody your true nature as a love and light being.

This is not a drill.

Get your DNA activation TODAY-

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