Human discord arises when we see others as separate from ourself and we pass judgment on others.

Over the past week, protests have erupted around the world in response to the killing of George Floyd. 

Protests are an airing of our collective grievances to reveal the “unfinished business” that we have as a society. The anger surfacing is in response to cumulative injustices. Protests are a desperate call for change.

We see our dark shadows because we have light. We collectively have a duty to extinguish the raging fires and focus on fueling the light of positive change. 

Our Shadows appear as we cast Light

It is not constructive to continue living on this planet laying blame and pointing fingers at others for our own pain and traumas. While perpetrators need to be held responsible for their actions, there is a difference between assigning responsibility and laying blame.

When we attribute negative intent and cast judgment, we are assigning blame, not responsibility. Key to breaking the cycle of trauma is to practice the art of non-judgment.

Responsibility and Blame are different, as is Forgiveness from Excusing

The path to healing is never through violence (emotional or physical) but through responsibility, forgiveness, and compassion. We each are responsible for both speaking up for injustices and forgiving the injustices. As a collective, we must understand and address the wounds that individuals, groups and societies have inflicted on others, knowingly or unknowingly. 

When a person feels angry and responds with violence, they operate with the same mindset as the aggressor. The primitive punishment of “an eye for an eye” can only lead to a vicious cycle of pain, violence, trauma and unrest. An alternative is seeing the humanity in the other person.  Humans, by design, learn by trial and error to “know thyself”.

Forgiving is not looking away from what is happening but rather envisioning a world based on compassion. We all have wounds to heal. Forgiving is instilling love where hatred was; instilling compassion where violence once was. This is what creates positive transformation.

Heaven and Hell are within

COVID-19 laid the groundwork for a call for change; as we sheltered-in-place in our physical homes we also sheltered within our internal worlds. By going within, we began to see with new eyes the world, awakening to how we need to evolve.

Heaven or hell are states of mind; they are not physical places to which we travel. The greatest illusion of all is that we are separate from our higher selves and separate from universal consciousness. 

Here, the Ho’oponoponoprayer can be a powerful tool of collective transformation:

I’m Sorry

Please Forgive Me

Thank You

I Love You

The most elemental practices of forgiveness, compassion, self-love, non-judgment, patience, and gratitude can not only heal past wounds but also help to prevent future ones.

Just a Slice of Reality

We each have a narrow view of reality; we each represent 1 / 8Billionth of the full picture. Each person’s visual cortex perceives a slightly different picture and each person’s mind forms a slightly different understanding of reality. 

Human discord arises when we see others as separate from ourself and we pass judgement on others.

Yet, it is a distraction and an illusion to think we have more that divides us than unites us. We all want to live freely, be healthy, feel love, find happiness and be appreciated. When are cups runneth over with positive emotions, there is no space for negativity.

Change is Contagious

Each person can be responsible for breaking the old patterns and creating new ones that reflects a more just, inclusive, abundant and creative future. We can upshift to a new world. The positive change starts with you, spreads to others around you, until it creates a tipping point in society and across humanity. 

We as people must change. We can not wait on others to change before we change. Our act of change will inspire others and create new “neural pathways” in society’s collective consciousness. When you change yourself, you change the world around you.

When you Change Yourself, you Change the World around you.

Socreates Perspective Hacks was created to guide people in understanding and removing their self-limiting beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors so they can be their best self. Imagine if a small group of self-aware, compassionate, and collaborative individuals could tip the societal balances toward a more inclusive, just, and stable world. 

Change begins from within; what changes are you prepared to make today in your life to be your best and highest self?