We all can recall a moment in life where the unknown seemed intimidating, scary, and uncertain. Whether it was the moment in our senior year of high school when we waited for college acceptance letters, or the moment we dived into a new relationship, or the moment when we didn’t know where our career decision was going to take us we’ve all had that strong desire to replace that feeling of unknowing  with certainty. In all of those moments and the ones to come, knowing exactly what, when and how things will happen is primarily what we want.

However, I want to challenge you to be grateful for the unknown because, as a result, you receive three benefits that make your life a great one.

The first benefit you receive is You Learn to Trust.

You learn to trust your path, actions, and decisions, instead of worrying about what will happen next. It’s widely known the more you worry the worse you become mentally, physically, and spiritually. However, choosing to trust that the outcome will benefit you in the long run produces the opposite. Eliminate worry and you allow harmony to remain in your mind, body, and spirit. Even better, the harmony that lies within you leads to confidence, which is necessary for success on any path. So instead of focusing on the unknown, focus on trusting that the unknown will unfold at the right time and when it does you’ll be prepared.

The second the benefit is you Give Yourself the Opportunity to Become the Best Version of You.

Becoming the best version of you requires the process of self development. That process can’t be completed without active learning, experiences, and application because when combined, they shape who we are. So if you knew how everything played out, you rob yourself of the growth, maturity and wisdom that self development gives to you. With the unknown in the distance, be present in every experience while extracting the lessons, joy, and wisdom that come with each one and watch who you become in the process. 

The third benefit is you Keep the Sense of Adventure in Your Life.

Knowing the pains, struggles, problems, and challenges that lie ahead could easily stop you from pursuing anything outside of your comfort zone, yet that’s where adventure and, more importantly, where life begins. With adventure in your life you don’t let the responsibilities of life BE your life. Meaning you’re more than waking up and going to work, you’re more than paying your bills, and you’re more than someone who eats 3 meals a day. If you’d like to separate yourself from those who merely exist, keep adventure in your life by leaning into the unknown and seeing what comes out of it. Remove adventure and settle for going to work, paying bills, sleeping and repeating and when you look back on your life you’ll regret that you did.

Truth is it’s easier to be overwhelmed and fearful of the unknown, but I encourage you that the next time you’re tempted to worry, hold back, or settle because of the unknown that lies ahead, don’t.

Instead remember these three things: trust that the unknown will unfold in due time and you’ll be ready when it does, you’re becoming the best version of you in the process, and you’re giving yourself the irreplaceable gift of adventure. 

Choose to be grateful for the unknown because, believe it or not, the unknown keeps us living.