men meditating demonstrating mindfulness

The world’s top mindfulness brands are doing something well for themselves. They’re changing the way organizations behave. Mindfulness is a new organizational culture that’s finding its way into many top brands because of the rewards of engaging in the practice. The following mindfulness brands taught me about life and work in the most fascinating ways.

Analyze First

Several top universities, including Harvard University, are teaching mindfulness to their students, and this is what they impart:

Before taking a new step in your life or work, analyze what you want to do. This is being mindful of what you do, and it encompasses being aware of yourself and the present moment. It’s a great way for managers to improve business efficiency and performance.

At Logo Design, for example, we routinely go back on our mission and try to question our work: Are we mindful of our customer’s needs? Are we hindering user experience? Are we helping our customers achieve their goals?

Another way to be mindful is trying to avoid being on the move every second of your working day. Take time to sit back, relax, and think. By exercising thoughtfulness, you can increase your focus and achieve higher efficiency in what you want to achieve.

Tap into the Power of Your Mind

Google is a force to be reckoned with in the market. This top brand has adopted mindfulness into its culture through an innovative approach and introduced it to employees. The training identified as “Search Inside Yourself” has enabled stronger mental focus, improved well-being, and better stress management.

The program introduces you to concepts such as holding positive thoughts, being aware of yourself, staying motivated and resilient to achieve your goals. By engaging in the program, individuals can become effective leaders and work at their greatest potential.

If your career is a struggle, it’s time to search deep within to release your potential and become a better individual. You can increase your ability to successfully cope with life and work issues through mindfulness.

Make it Easy to Access to Mindfulness

Another brand that’s using mindfulness in the business model with rewarding results is General Mills. This top company provides a room where employees can engage in yoga and meditation. Mindfulness training is an extra cost to a company but the rewards outweigh the expense.

It’s not a matter of asking employees to take up mindfulness without integrating the practice into the organization’s strategy. It’s about choosing a program that appeals to everyone, then designate a person responsible for taking charge and implement it. Better still, let the sessions be a free-for-all affair. No employee should have an excuse for not engaging in mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the Route to Good Health

The everyday hustle results in increased stress on individuals as they aim to work and produce better results. This lifestyle contributes to stress and increased vulnerability to diseases. If employees need more days for sick off, they affect the productivity of the company.

But Target and Intel, through their mindfulness programs, have successfully helped their employees to reduce their stress levels. Intel offers Awake@Intels Mindfulness Program while Target offers training on mindfulness meditation at their different company locations. When employees are healthy physically and emotionally, they can work at their greatest potential.

Final Say

These top mindfulness brands revolutionize how to handle life and work. When you do the little things well, you can reap big returns. This includes giving time to thoughtful inclusions of mindfulness, meditation and relaxation. However, keep in mind engaging in mindfulness is not an instant fix for efficient business and a better life. Using this approach in life and work can better help you achieve focus and clarity, effective leadership and sharp decision making. So, how about trying it out today?