If you are part of the younger generation with big dreams of becoming a board-certified and respectable doctor, this story is for you. It’s about what you should know before becoming a doctor, and it’s about what you need to know in order to become a good one. A few insights can change everything for you.

After discovering the secrets of effective studying, I am a top-performing, board-certified surgeon. I completed my residency in acute-care and trauma surgery, and now I make over $250,000 every year as a practicing surgeon. What do I know about becoming the best possible doctor? More importantly, what can I teach you about how to get into medical school to become a top-performing doctor like me? Let’s get started.

Why Most of You Will Fail and Few Will Succeed

I will tell you one thing. Most student and most people cannot become doctors. You can get into med school, go through the coursework, and at the end of the day never become a doctor. Let me paint a picture for you to understand at the most basic level what I mean by this.

Let’s say you are like me, and you grow up in a town like Fresno, California, going to the average and ordinary middle school that I attended. One day, your teachers approach you, pull you to the side, and say “We are moving you to another math class.” You might think this is because your class is full, or you might not think too much about the change to a higher level math class.

Now, fast forward a couple months, and suddenly your family is moving to a new town, a new state, and you will be going to a new school in Wyoming. The plan you thought you had with the friendships that you made are all out the window. And, now instead of being one of the top students in your middle school, you are the checked out class clown.

You don’t study or pay attention in class. Now your teachers approach you, pull you to the side, and tell you that you are moving to a lower math class. All through high school you are in a lower level class than you should be.

This is my story, and it’s true for a lot of students. They learn, they are conditioned to learn, what they are worth and what they are capable of from the people around them. It doesn’t take a genius kid to be moved into a higher math class, but it does take one with a stable support system who believes in himself.

Everyone expected me to be funny and not to perform well. So, I didn’t perform well and I did more to be funny than to be smart. My point is that you are being conditioned, and your conditioning will work against you in college as it did for me.

Most people do not understand their own conditioning. They don’t understand what it takes to be the “smart” kid in class. This applies to middle school kids, high school kids, as well as college and med school students.

Students struggle to recondition themselves in order to be a doctor that knows how to study and how to perform well. The moral of the story is that most people do not understand how to condition themselves to perform well in medical school.

How to Retrain Your Brain to Succeed in Medical School

You actually have to recondition your brain to do well in medical school. Forget everything you think you know about studying, being “smart,” and everything else. If you are struggling in medical school or college, you need to retrain your brain with hacks I can teach you from my own experience.

You can get straight A’s in 90 days with my three simple study hacks even if you hate studying and don’t believe in your own abilities. After you ace medical school, you can apply these hacks to any subject at any school because they live in your mind and lead you down a path of resilience and success. That’s why my online video course focuses on the essentials of Mind, Motivation, and Mastery. You can supercharge your learning with the tools I cover because they work and because they give you access to mentors and professional insight you won’t find anywhere else.