You’ll know you missed the mark if it’s been many months or even years, and you hear crickets. You’ll also know this if your business is gaining clients, and you don’t enjoy it. 

So for both of these scenarios there are specific steps you can do.

If you’ve been hearing crickets, I encourage you to pivot, get back on track, and make sure you Pinpoint Your Right Idea. Make sure you have access to your audience. This is the easiest way to begin. 

If your ideal clients are moms, can you get in front of moms? If your ideal clients are coaches, are you able to get in front of coaches? Get in front of your people, find out what they want, and see what skills/talents/gifts you have that can meet those needs.

If you’re getting clients, but realize you don’t like your business… I’ve been there. My first business was wildly successful, and I hated it. And it’s okay. You know how to build a business and can do it again!

The easiest way to pivot your business is to find something within your current business that you actually enjoy. Is there any part of your business you enjoy that your clients are coming to you for? If yes, then steer your focus and marketing to focus only on the parts that you enjoy.

And if there are no parts that you enjoy, then that’s okay too. I remind my clients that you’re most likely going to pivot your business in the next 5 years. Definitely most likely by 10 years. It’s better to move forward.

Since you already have clients, you already know how to build a business. Those skills never leave you. And this time around you’ll make sure that your business is a source of pleasure for you and something you truly enjoy.

It starts with Pinpointing Your RIGHT Business Idea!