The new year celebration has come and gone and 2020 is well under way. The hangover has worn off, you’re back into your routine at work, and you realize, you’ve already failed at your New Years resolution.

Not to worry! I’ve got a solution for you.

See, the concept of New Year’s is simply a celebration of one complete cycle around the sun. And considering the complexities of the universe, it is certainly something that’s worth celebrating!

But why do we celebrate this feat on January 1st? Why not the end of January or February as is done in China? Or maybe in mid April as is done in parts of India?

If you think about it, each day of the year is technically a completion of a cycle around the sun. A good example of this is your birthday! Each year, you celebrate your completion of another rotation on this planetary merry-go-round.

So what does all this mean for your resolution? It means that you don’t need New Year’s Day in order to have a resolution. You just need.. a day! And that means ANY day, including today.

So if you’ve already failed at your resolution, simply do this:

Count down from 10 to 1 and picture the ball dropping in Time Square. When you get to 1, say “Happy New Year!” and start your resolution anew.

I know you’re gonna crush it.