Keep building relationships & putting yourself out there. It’s working.

Get crickets when you put a new offer out there?

No one responding to your posts?

No likes or comments?

No sign ups yet?


Before you let your mind run away with you thinking:


It’s not good enough!

It’s not working!

No-one wants my offer!

It’s a rubbish post/graphic/copy…..

There’s too much competition’

***Breathe and Take Stock of Reality***

Take a moment to breathe.

Think about the last time you were on Facebook, scrolling through your news feed.

Chances are you read a few posts, liked one and skipped a few.

Then someone sent you an email, a text or called you. You might have seen a good offer post or just a good post and thought I’ll come back to that later.

You won’t have seen every single post in your feed. With most of us having 500+ Facebook friends and being in multiple secret and closed Facebook groups.

There are a lot of demands on our attention.

So putting out a post with an offer, or a post you’ve spent an ages crafting just once or twice. Some people will see it. But not everyone will and even fewer will comment.

***Many People Like to Observe Quietly***

There are a lot of people who are more than happy to quietly observe. People scroll through their news feeds only pausing every now and again. And many people hardly ever comment.


***There is NO Competition***

Yes! You heard me correctly — There is no such thing as competition!

Energetically there is none. We create our own market and our own clients. I say in our hearts :-). Everything you put out there is building on your energy and your tribe from the inside out!

Your perfect clients are already waiting for you. So, stop hiding, keep going and let them know you are there. You work is so needed in the world!

***Hold Your Energy & Show Up Consistently***

You need to go again — be consistent. And hold your energy.

Keep your energy high — make sure you are excited about what you are sharing.

And post again — you can post the same post, try a different graphic or tweak the copy a little. Try posting at different times, maybe in different groups. Just put your offer or info out there even if it’s not perfect!

Build Your Know Like Trust Factor by Making Real Connections

It takes time for people to get to know you and to trust and like you.

There are stats somewhere about how often we need to see something for us to recognise it and become familiar with it.

Is it 5 or 7 times or even 15/20 times! (If anyone reading this has proper stats I’d be very grateful if you commented below — thank you!)

Are you building relationships?

Are you helping others out when they ask for help?

Are you commenting on their videos and posts too?

The more love and support you give out the more you get back. So keep on making real connections and building relationships.

That’s what you’d do out in the real-world networking. It’s the same thing on line. You get to know people first and then go from there.

***You are NOT being Pushy! Focus on being of Service instead***

You are not being pushy! It is your duty to help those who need you through what you are offering.

Put your focus on those who need you! It’s about them not you! Keep being of service.

Get creative, have fun with it and ask yourself — What can I do to connect with/help my potential clients today?

Have you sent out a newsletter, posted in your group, done a live stream, written a blog… There are so many ways we can communicate with our potential clients. If you are promoting a new course, challenge, programme or offer…. Keep going, try a few ways and see what you enjoy.

It’s hard to be too visible. You feel like you’re posting loads but people will only see some of your posts/communications.

***Don’t Evaluate Until It’s Over***

Finally, don’t evaluate until it’s over!! If you have just started promoting or putting yourself out there and you have goals or targets, don’t evaluate too early. Keep going right up until the very last minute. Let go, trust and relax. And it will all work out.

What do you remind yourself of when you feel like no-one is listening?

Have a wonderful day!

Love Claire xxx

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