Wow. That’s a big one isn’t it? Can you relate? Are you experiencing a moment in your life where you’re coming to the realisation that you’re just not happy anymore?

The things that you thought you wanted, well maybe you now know you don’t. The stuff that use to light you up just doesn’t fill you with joy anymore.

It’s a scary moment when you realise you’re aren’t happy, because it comes with a whole ton of mixed emotions…

The guilt of feeling unhappy when you have a roof over your head, clothes on your body and people in the world that love you. The confusion of feeling miserable when you have been working towards the ‘dream life’ and then you realise that’s no longer what you want. The anxiety of knowing that you can’t go on like this. The fear of changing everything.

So, my friend if you’ve been drawn to this blog post because the title resonates with how you are feeling right now, then it’s time to get your butt in gear and change some stuff up! I’m not going to sugar coat this, why? Because I believe you truly deserve to be happy and fulfilled, I really do.
But in order for that to happen you have to own and accept that some change needs to occur and you’re going to be the one driving that vehicle.

Firstly, get really, REALLY, clear on what you actually want. You need to be fully aware of what’s working in your life and what isn’t. And you need to know why it isn’t working.

Because there’s no point throwing in the towel with your current ‘thing’ that is making you miserable (e.g. job, relationship, health regime, social life, living arrangements etc) but then before you know it finding yourself in exactly the same set up just with a slightly different ‘thing’ 6 months down the line. That’s not real change. that’s merely a difference in circumstances, not your soul happiness levels.

To help you get really clear on what you want, get ready to ask yourself some deep questions; “What do I most desire?” “What would I do if I loved myself?” “What would I do if fear wasn’t holding me back?” “What am I doing when I feel my most happy?” “What does my true self desire most?” “What does the word happiness/fulfilment mean to me & how can I embody that?”

Start working on the root cause of what will make you most happy, and once you know, you have the foundations to help you start stepping in the right direction.

Everyone is different, there is no one size fits all when it comes to life, so stay in your lane. What your uncle Neil enjoys most in life is probably not what lights you up, and what your school friend Sarah finds most fulfilling in her day might be the exact opposite of what you desire. Just focus on you.


Ask yourself the questions.

Allow yourself the time, freedom and space to answer them honestly.

Get real with what changes you need to make.

And know, you are already creating a big step in the right direction by acknowledging your need for change.