Based on our experience with recently going on a  Southern Highland Winery Tours one thing that can be said is that they can be such a fun and educational experience. It’s not only something that you should be trying at least once in your life but something that you want to try more than one. The more you go the more you learn. They are not only educational but fun too. Keep reading as our experts explain exactly what to look for during a winery tour. Trust us when we say you will learn so much!  

The first thing that you want to look for in the area you are looking to go to. Are you on vacation with friends, a spouse, or even by yourself and you are looking to experience a winery tour? That sounds amazing. The first step is to look at the location in which you wish to visit and settle on a destination so that you can start finding out which winery tour you are interested in participating in. 

Once you know your location, it’s time to look at what your options are. We recommend to grab a pen and a paper and start writing. You could check Facebook, you could ask a friend that has been in the area, or you can check online and look up which winery tours are available. If you are in a smaller city that specializes in having a winery nearby, you also can look at the shops and sometimes there is a special deal that will save you money. You want to write down all of these winery tour options and leave space so that you can take notes about each (or cross them off to ensure you stop looking into them). 

Once you have your list it’s time to look up some reviews on them. If you have a friend’s opinion, it makes it easier. Especially because it is from someone that you can trust. You can also check websites like the winery’s Facebook page, their Yelp page, their Google page, or just Google in general. Once you have the reviews up, don’t just look at the overall review, look at what people liked or didn’t like about each option. This will help you in aligning with what you like which will help you in making your final decision. 

Next, it’s time to learn more about each brewery. What is special about them? What is their cost? What else should you know? Typically, you can find many of your questions located on their website. You can start taking notes about what you see there. Many winery tours typically mean that you need to make a reservation, you also need to ensure the date and time you are looking to go is even available. If it is not, you are out of luck and it is time to look elsewhere and scratch them off your list. 

Once you have more information about each company it’s time to start making calls. By this point, your list is probably a lot smaller and are ready to ask some questions. Hopefully, you have taken notes about each company that you feel unsure or don’t have answers to yet. Make sure that you keep those notes in hand for the next step so that you can write down the answers and don’t get mixed up. The last thing that you want is to get confused about who said what and choose the wrong winery just because you forgot one piece of information. That is why it’s a good idea to always write it down. 

Once you have your questions prepared, it’s time to start calling around. You can call each company and ask them. Don’t be scared or feel embarrassed about a specific question you have. You want to know exactly what will take place that day, how much everything is, how many people they have room for if there are any additional fees, exactly what the day will look like, and any additional questions you may have for them. Remember, these questions will end up making your final decision so make sure that you ask all of them. 

During your conversation, make sure that you take note of is if they have pushed you off the phone call, asking you to wait while they take other calls, or not give you their undivided attention. Sure, things may come up, but you want to feel as though they care about you and feel as though you are being taken care of. 

Once you have listened to all of the answers, it’s time to make your final decision. What is your gut telling you? It’s important to go over all of the answers people gave you, what reviews you read online, what you took notes about, and even who is available for the party number you already have. These are all questions that you need to be prepared to think to yourself. The good news is that once you have taken all of these notes you are ready to make your final decision. Are you excited? You are on your way to an amazing winery tour. 

As you can see, there are so many amazing benefits to looking up before you go on a great winery tour. Yes, you need to do a little work before you go so that you make a great decision, but that will ultimately pay off because you will have the time of your life while tasting amazing different wines. 

We hope that you learned a lot from this list. Make sure that you do your homework and then have a wonderful time on your winery tour.