Once you have taken the plunge into starting a new small business, the world
will start coming at you quickly. You’re in charge now, so even the littlest
problems are yours for solving. When starting a new small business you may have
a small staff, or it might even be just you. Quickly you’ll learn all about what
the phrase “own the problem” means.

The best advice for anyone starting a new small business is to take each day
as it comes. Some days will be fantastic while others will feel like the world
is collapsing around you. There might even be days that all you can do is throw
your hands up, but all of this comes with starting a new small business.

No one has ever been in the position of starting a small business and not run
into a few obstacles. The trick is to stay calm and address the daily problems
you face. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself and remind yourself why you
decided to start your own business.

You get to call the shots. Trust your decisions and follow them all the way
through. You’ll be happy that you did.

               Help! Starting a new small business is starting to chip away at my bank

Financially, starting a new small business can be tough. Unless you have an
endless source of funds, you’ll have to budget wisely. And, you must force
yourself to stick to the budget strictly for at least the first couple of years.
It can be a little scary starting a new small business, but with proper planning
and execution the ride can be easy.

Starting a small business is an exciting time. You get to take all of your
ideas, motivations and talents and let them start working for you. There will be
nights that you walk in the door and go straight to bed, while others will call
for celebrations with your family and staff.

The ups and downs of starting a new small business are what make it all worth
it. Remember you get to work for the best boss in the world: You.