With the #MeToo movement in full swing it was interesting to see what New York, Milan, London and Paris would come up with to reflect this. What we discovered was wide range of different styles that could empower women while still looking amazing.

Let’s take a look at what we found out and what to wear this winter 2018….

Animal Print

Tom Ford, Givenchy and Balenciaga have all brought animal print to fore again. Zebra and leopard print in particular stunned audiences and critics alike during recent catwalk shows. Avoid that Pat Butcher look by pairing with trainers or flats. Stay away from heels!

Cover Up

Designers have become sensitive to the sexual stereotypes of the female figure. Extreme layers and oversized designs reflect this new attitude. Balenciaga and Stella McCartney have some excellent tailored pieces. Team this style up with with a handbag and you’ll be ready to take to the cold winter streets.

Take It Back To The 70s

Some designers have gone literal in their 70s creations. As cool as it looks, you don’t want to look like you’re going to a fancy dress party. To avoid this wear brown to capture the essence. Chloe in particular had a great collection featuring nearly every shade of brown there is. Black is out and brown is in.

What About The 80s?

Seventies by day but 80s by night. Over the top party dresses made from satin, silk and velvet adorned with crystals and sequences will make you stand out at any event. The dresses seen this year were the tiniest yet. Pair up with outrageous jewelry and accessories for the Christmas party season.

Be a slouch

A welcome return to 2004 sees the comeback of the relaxed slouchy boot. Cowboy, snakeskin and knee highs are also in due to the seventies revival. The slouchy boots are great for casual looks as you can easily tuck your trousers or jeans into them and head straight out.

Patent it

Kane, Fendi and Rocha all decided to bring patent items out that we absolutely loved. The full wardrobe was on shiny display with everything from coats to skirts all squeaking their way down the runway. Fendi’s puffer jacket was a real winner this autumn/winter.


Continuing last season’s epic western revival this winter sees more shirts, coats and boots. Think dresses from ‘Little House on the Prairie’ but with modern, bold colours. Wear over the top with a Calvin Klein jumper for the ultimate juxtaposition in style.

Tuxedo Suits

Some real powerful designs were on show down the runways. Latta and Dion Lee both tapped into the current political climate surrounding women’s rights and opted for chiq tux suits.


Heritage fabrics are making a strong comeback for this winter. Blazers paired with party dresses could be the winning combination you have been looking for. Prada amazed everyone with their fluorescent tweed effects on their coats and dresses.