Curious if you would make a good remote worker? Check out our list of the top seven types of people who benefit from the lifestyle below. From creative types to star communicators, if one of these personality traits fits your bill, then rest assured that the remote lifestyle is right up your alley. If more than one of these personality traits apply to you, then there’s absolutely no doubt about it.

1. Those Who Love Independence

First and foremost, independence is a key character trait for successful remote workers. Independent workers and independent thinkers often thrive when working remotely because of their strong sense of self and confidence in their abilities. Remote workers are often doing most of their work in a solitary setting, which requires somebody who enjoys depending on themselves to get things done quickly and efficiently.

2. Those Who Are Self-Disciplined

Do you know how to set goals for yourself? Do you actually achieve them? If so, then self-discipline is probably one of your strongest personality traits, and that can come in quite handy as a remote worker. Why? Because remote workers don’t have anybody looking over their shoulders telling them what to do. Instead, they have to be responsible for getting their work done on their own watch.

3. Those Who Like Flexibility & Freedom

If you thrive on flexibility and freedom, then remote working is likely your dream situation. Remote workers usually have an extreme amount of flexibility and freedom when scheduling their work hours, deciding where they want to work from, and even choosing whether or not they want to be traveling while they work. Flexibility is, without a doubt, the largest perk of remote working, so those who desire this type of freedom will do well with a remote lifestyle.

4. Those Who Like a Challenge

Remote working is a perfect pairing for people who like a good challenge. Because of the amount of remote work that exists, as well as how many different tasks can be performed remotely, there’s always a new goal to strive for when you wish to challenge yourself as a remote worker. Additionally, because many remote positions won’t take up all of your time, those who enjoy challenges can stretch themselves across multiple positions and fields if they so desire.

5. Those Who Are Good Communicators

Always respond to an email within 24 hours of receiving it? Never let your phone go to voicemail? Text at a speed that nearly produces smoke? If so, then solid communication is in your bag of tricks, and the remote work lifestyle may be as well. Remote work relies on frequent communication to function at its peak, making great communicators an ideal fit for any remote position.

6. Those Who Are Creative

Working remotely calls for creative solutions to help close the physical distance gap between manager and employee. If you enjoy looking for new solutions to unsolved questions, remote working will ignite your creativity spark and have you coming up with all kinds of new ways to better achieve fluid communication, a steady workflow, and even socializing between yourself and fellow employees.

7. Those Who Hate Being Bored

If there’s one thing that remote working can guarantee, it’s that you’ll never get bored. Because remote work is always evolving, it will keep you on your toes no matter the position you hold or field in which you’re working. Hate being bored? Keep yourself feeling invigorated and on the cutting edge of work and technology by landing a remote job.

Originally written by Chelsey Grasso at