We’re born into this world unknowing. We don’t know what will come our way and uncertain of the challenges that will get placed before us.

The geographic region and time that we get put into the world have deep meaning, a much more profound and significant meaning than many can fully grasp. I’m not even confident that I fully understand this, but I believe it with every ounce of who I am.

However, the time and geographic region also can place us into a life that may be harsher than we can comprehend as we come into this world. It shapes how we unfold early on into this world and can be extremely difficult, or it can also be fantastic. The point is, we don’t know what we don’t know.

Will we be orphaned?

Will we be placed into an unkind home only to face brutal emotional or physical challenges (or both) that can shape our future from the onset?

Will we find an origin family that’s kind and willing to give our souls what we need most?

Will we have an origin family that is so deep in their own trauma that we have to fight tooth and nail to get out from under their trauma to be able to live our own lives (losing valuable time and money in that journey)?

Will we be born into something so amazing that our souls can thrive from the get-go?

While none of us come into being with this knowledge, there’s one thing that can always soothe our souls. It’s something so imperative to our lives that I believe that we cannot live without it.

However, due to the above note around trauma, sometimes this one thing that’s so very important can be withheld from us. This ONE THING can soothe almost any soul that feels broken, shamed, or faulted. This one thing is so powerful that it doesn’t just soothe the soul that it is bestowed upon, but it soothes the soul of the one giving it.

In this life, we must fulfill our soul’s greatest desires and feel safe in bringing those desires to fruition into the world. I believe we’re here to serve others, and that we can make a good living while we do that (our purpose). I believe we are here to help with compassion and kindness to elevate not only ourselves in this process but others as well.

This one thing that I’m speaking of does so many wondrous things that it’s hard to mention everything possible without going on and on endlessly. But, here’s a good starter list.


  • Breaks down barriers and walls that we have built around the heart when we have felt the need to protect it
  • Breaks down the fear that can overwhelm us in our lives and disempower us to do what we must do on this planet
  • Surrounds a person in energy that allows one to feel at home and to feel safe
  • Does not include any CONDITIONAL rules that one must follow to receive it
  • Does not make a person act a certain away to receive it
  • Does not make a person do specific things or believe certain things to obtain it
  • Does not make a person live in a particular place to receive it
  • Is given by others that do not want others to suffer
  • Takes away the pain and allows us to move into a place of warmth and light
  • Does not allow for us to accept anything less than respect and create genuine, authentic relationships
  • Does not make us feel unworthy of it
  • Enables us to feel safe to place boundaries to ensure we can thrive
  • Allows us to repair our hearts and souls when we feel like we don’t deserve it
  • Does not make someone follow a specific religion or do something against their values to receive it
  • Does not make us feel obligated but rather feel joy to accept it and then to openly and willingly give it back
  • Supports us when we feel like we can’t take on any more challenges that are coming our way
  • Ends suffering in hearts that have never known what this “one thing” is
  • Provides a soothing to our souls that almost indescribable

So, what is this ONE THING that I keep speaking of here?

It’s that one amazing thing called UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

Everyone deserves to receive this. EVERYONE. Though many cannot begin to fathom it, and it is our choice to love those persons and wish them the best but move on to other circumstances that allow it. Others don’t know how to accept it because they never learned how to give it. But that doesn’t matter because it’s something that can be learned at ANY TIME in our life. The sooner, the better.

It’s the thing that the “love masters” throughout time have spoken of that can end world suffering. And, while I am not sure of that, what I do know is that in my own life early on, there was a time when I messed up because I knew I had made some wrong decisions. When the person that wronged me got wronged back, we were exchanging the eye for an eye mentality. I was so young (in my early 20’s), and I didn’t know what unconditional love even was. I was not shown that in my life before that experience, so I didn’t know how to give it to someone. And clearly, this other person did not either.

This person only sought to cause me more considerable pain than I had caused him. With that experience on top of the other origin family experience, I did not receive unconditional love again. So, what happened? I started to create barriers and walls around my heart. While it made me strong and transformed me, allowing me to build dreams upon dreams and keep evolving, it also broke me in ways that I didn’t understand and only now am starting to begin to understand fully and to heal (that’s 20 years in the making).

Only now am I realizing the magnitude of the pain caused when there is not unconditional love given. The great news is that it is something that we can choose to give to others at any time and learn how to give–honoring the very sacred nature of our soul’s existence as energy and light. I can now transform my marriage and any relationship with this knowledge.

Sometimes we have to decide for ourselves to leave circumstances that do not allow our souls to shine. If we mess up or need help, we need to know that someone has our back beyond the love we give to ourselves or the nature of knowing that the universe has our back. Most often we need someone else on our side like a friend, a loved one, a chosen one that chooses us back.

The times that challenge us the most are the times when the tables get turned, and the light shines on our souls. The light also shines on those nearest us. How we react is what defines the rewards that come our way. When the disruptions, the challenges, come our way, those are the times that are inviting us to invite magic in. The times that are asking us and providing a space for us to allow us to grow and transform before our very eyes, and also to transform before the very eyes of the ones that choose to provide us with unconditional love.

The magic that we are asked to invite into our lives is a myriad of things, but it most definitely includes unconditional love. This is the very thing that allows us to remain true to our souls, or to discover for the first time the truth already existing within. It also allows us to uphold the values that define us and will enable us to refine and expand our innate gifts.

Unconditional love is the very thing that makes the world vibrate with a frequency so high that it can change everything. It’s the very thing that should permeate every origin family’s existence. And the very thing that should drive us to choose the family and friends that we desire and the ones that we bring into the fold and choose to give our unconditional love to as well.

Is there someone in your life, or maybe even you, that needs to accept or receive (or find) unconditional love? If so, the time is now because you deserve it. Unconditional love doesn’t cost us a thing besides allowing us to begin to live all the while providing a safe space to allow us to heal. Imagine being free of pain and suffering and enabling others to do the same? It’s a fantastic exchange!