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Are you looking for something different?

We all go through this.  Phases in our life where we know, we just know, that something has to give.  We realize we are ready for a change.

It’s okay if we aren’t sure what the “something else” looks like entirely.  It’s okay if we also aren’t sure of all the rights or lefts to take as we pivot and seek direction.

We just have to start the process and the road will unfold before us.

Have you ever driven home on a foggy night? The headlights might shoot only 10 or 20 feet ahead. But we keep going with minimal visibility. Slowly, if need be, but we know the road is there.

We trust our ability to navigate ourselves.  And, bit by bit, the road is revealed to us.  We reach our destination.

Life changes are just like this. But change is something we must activate ourselves.

Routines need to come undone so that the life we imagine living one day is possible and within our reach.

Believe that the life we want is just ahead of the headlights, just waiting for us to find the courage to move forward.

The desired change you see is there.  Waiting. All we have to do is say:

“Ok, life.  I’m in.”

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~ Christy

Christy Nichols

Professional Development Facilitator | Leadership Training Expert | Purposeful Travel Advocate | CEO at Venture Within