Anxiety and stress can cause us to lose touch with ourselves.  We can develop many emotions that continue to feed the cycle of anxiety.  Most commonly we start to feel overwhelmed, worried, insecure, protective, even like we’re starting to suffocate from all of life’s demands and challenges.  On the health side when we let anxiety and stress take over in our life we can start to feel tired, depressed, lose or increase our appetite, withdrawal, move less, develop headaches, higher blood pressure, and become increasingly irritable and argumentative just to name a few.  Anxiety can very often leave us feeling like our life is out of our control and too complicated.

Often times we end up projecting our own fears, insecurities, problems, issues, faults, anxiety, worry, and stress onto others in our life, most often against the people who are standing with us offering their love and support.  We can get easily distracted and it becomes easier to blame others for the issues that we need to work through instead of dealing with them ourselves. By not taking responsibility for our own actions we let our ego try to protect us by projecting our problems on to everyone else.  This can leave us feeling like we are being attacked, judged, and blamed by everyone we interact with.  We are internalizing everyones actions and words as a personal attack.

What most of us fail to realize is that our outer world is just a direct reflection of what is going on in our inner world (our own mind).  When we’re not feeling good about ourselves its easy to end up in a dark place focused on all the negatives in life, we are then left feeling abandoned by those we love because we’ve pushed them away.  This is a hard one for most of us to remember but it’s always import to know that when you point a finger at someone else and their actions or behaviours there’s always four fingers pointing back at you.  Take the time to really look at what’s upsetting you with other peoples behaviours and actions and see if theres anything that might be showing up for you, so that you can address and change it in your own behaviours or actions.  Chances are really good that the whole world isn’t out to get you, but in fact you are being presented with the opportunity to grow through some challenges that it’s time for you to deal with.

One of the simplest changes we can make in life to help shift our anxiety and overall state of well being is to eat better and just get out and be active!  Next time your feeling your anxiety and stress take over just get up and start moving.  This will help to shift your thoughts and settle your anxiety.

I hope these strategies help you to create a more joyful life!

Nicole Michalski

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