Fear of confidence and identity

The majority of the world wakes up every morning with varying degrees of fear and the largest struggle for us to comprehend is that we were not born with 99% of our fears. Somewhere along the way either from our parents, teachers, media or even our friends have hardwired these beliefs into our brains.

So while I do agree that we have a massive belief system pandemic across the world. Let’s go one step deeper and have the discussion that we have a brain health issue…

Our constant stress, worry, anxiety and focusing on everything that is wrong in our own lives, the global issues, government problems or even being the soundboard to our friends and families problems is destroying our brains!

Top Concern

At the core of my voice and movement is helping individuals solve their own identity crisis. The same cris that has you dreading tomorrow, the one you complain about during dinner every night and the one that is ruining the health and well being of your brain!

And well as your brain deteriorates so does your life. I do not want to sound so morid but the fact that our country is living like zombies is a concern. And the ones arguing against me are probably on some type of medication and most (not all) that are on medications are living an altered life.


The center of my message revolves answering 2 of life’s most simple yet difficult questions…

Questions like “Who Am I” and “Is this Really Who I Want To Be”

And so the struggle is only getting started!

Being able to close this gap or make it disappear between who you are now and who you really want to become is probably the greatest challenge we will ever face.

Think about it now. Who are you presenting to the world? Is it the REAL you or an altered version of who you desire to share to the universe.

Are you fighting to live life as the authentic you. Fighting to conquer your own mind or are you fighting to get people to accept you.

I see the fight for acceptance much more often than people living their own authentic lives.

Several Groups

There are a number of individuals that will put these questions off for years, decades or even entire lives just going about their business. These are the same people waking up every morning living each day under a false identity!

It’s why you see these types of people eating like crap, not taking care of their physical bodies, watching a lot of TV/Video Games, drinking and using drugs and never taking time for themselves. But why would you take time for YOU when you have no clue who YOU really are.

There is a group of people that try to change their life from the same level of thinking that has created who you are today. As Dr. Joe says “Too many people try to change their brain by using their brain”. 

You must change the way you currently see the universe or yourself through inputting new information into your brain. Or another way to think about it is what could you subtract from your life that would increase the function of your brain.

The beauty about this is there is loads of information out there on how to do this, but most people never want to change until shit they hit rock bottom! You start getting quality rest and ditch fast food for a couple days when you get sick. You start working out after you or someone close experiences a heart attack. You tell a loved one how much you care as they are headed out the door forever.

Even society tries to teach us not to LIVE until we are a solid 65 or 70 years old! It’s about time that we start taking care of our brains, our bodies, our loved ones and create some magical experiences!


So now that I am off my soap box there for a minute about figuring out who it is that you really wanna wake up and look at in the mirror each morning…

Why should we even care? And over the past couple weeks I have had my own struggle pulling the trigger on a goal.

It goes without saying that most of us have things that we want to accomplish in our lives…

And of course we rarely or even ever pull the trigger due to a certain level of fear…

But as my mentor always questions me with “What’s underneath that”. The answer would be a lack of self value and worthiness. And what’s underneath that…

I have found that it is a CONSTANT story about all the reasons that makes us “unqualified” for whatever our desire is. Think about it for minute and I can guarantee the dreams and goals you have ever wanted to accomplish that you never followed through with is because in your mind you were “unqualified”

And the funny part about it all is YOU have made up all these qualifications! I can think of hundreds of reasons (and there are probably hundreds that would agree) that I was not at the time qualified to be doing what I am doing today.

I have no degree in exercise science, kinesiology or strength and conditioning (if that’s a degree haha). My degree is in economics and yet I train thousands of athletes across the country, including multi-millionaire professional athletes who trust their bodies and pay checks on us.

I have no degree in psychology or communication, but I have read over 300 books the past few years, attended handfuls of events, hired mentors/coaches to educate myself to be the trusted expert in this field. And I have worked with and mentored individuals, universities and corporations across the country in the areas of high performance and wellness.

I could literally write an entire blog on more areas I have no “formal” education in from entrepreneurship, marketing, speaking, writing…you get the point

Slapped in the Face

And then it hit me right in the face. A few weeks ago I was spending some time to myself creating and innovating and started to dig into my gut…

I started to have that little understanding and feeling of what most people go through during their own fork in the road of whether they should pull the trigger or just let life continue as usual.

For a couple years now I have been “saying” that I was going to write a book. To use my own personal stories, research and real life experiences of why this self identity crisis crushing so many lives and how to combat this crisis!

So you’re asking Ryan, why haven’t you pulled the trigger…

Because every time I am about to begin writing I think of the thousands of reasons that makes me unqualified to be an author! And the humor behind it is just like every other area in my life that I was deemed “unqualified” the only way to become “qualified” is to make myself!

To pull the trigger and become the expert at whatever life or desire that I want to create.

I had to take some type of action. I reached out to a friend who has written a book and simply asked him what my first step should be. He replied with his editor/publisher’s phone number and said just call her.

That night I reached out to “get the ball rolling”

I understand

One of my great strengths I believe is to lay my cards on the table and in this moment I understand what so many people around the world are struggling with…

Struggling to believe that they are qualified for any of their hearts greatest desires. We get caught up in the comparison of life, just like I was looking in my library of books giving reasons why I could never be like those authors…

Except I don’t have to be!

Just like after coming back from my TED Talk and telling a team I coach about how terrified I was even 20 minutes before I walked out on stage…

But I also knew in that moment that it was the perfect opportunity to not only create the most exhilarating experience of my life, but it would give me real life examples, frameworks and strategies on the thousands of people around the country that wanna wake up every morning and close that gap between who they are living like now and who they really want to be!

Take a little time today and really spend a few minutes thinking about the person you are living as each day! Is it the EXACT person your heart craves and one that lights you up!

It’s tough to come to grips about pulling off those masks we continue to find ourselves wearing. But don’t crave for the acceptance of others! Crave the real YOU!

It’s much more fulfilling!
*This article was originally published on my blog at https://www.extremeproducers.com/blog/fear