Most individuals try to blends in to look “normal” but how can you gather attention to prove that you stand out unless you go against the norm. When we stand out we create opportunities to land the best jobs or the business from others or even the partner of your dreams. As Warren Buffet says the #1 skill that he pays for is the ability to communicate and how can we communicate value if you aren’t given a chance? If we focus on creating opportunities and then communicates things in a way that the other person will respond then everything will be much easier. 

This then ties into this, when we hear about first impressions and the way we make others feel is everything, I realized that it isn’t the first impression but the lasting impression is the controlling impression. Thinking about this I realized that when I meet someone again, I need to be congruent upon me being interested in solving their problems. One of the best sayings was by Zig Zagler “help enough people get what they want and they will help you get what you want.”

The understanding that I need to be a master communicator, I wanted to do this more effectively and I was reading online and came across this saying stating that Success Leaves Clues from Tony Robbins and this is basically reverse engineering. Pondering whilst hiking in the mountains made me realize, what if I did this in every area of my life? Utilizing this I made a list of every domain in my life that was important to me and then I found those who had what I wanted and started finding out, how they had what I wanted so I could implement it into my own build (my mind). 

After realizing the ability to communicate, help others get what they want, and reverse engineering everything, I first turned my head to understand how to deal with the fear factor because we have to overcome our fear and try new things to achieve our dreams. How many times do we sacrifice the quality of our work because we are afraid to try something new that may be better just because of the fear of failure? I try to face fear in some area of my life once a day because it builds up a memory that I can overcome fear which serves as an anchor point for the tougher times like now and this was a lesson from Psycho Cybnertics from Maxwell Maltz. 

I would say that this is the most important skill and that is to get things done, and to get things done we need to be able to focus on one step at a time. When Warren Buffet & Bill Gates had to write down the one thing that led to their success it was Focus and this is 2 of the richest men in the world. It is very easy to get bogged down on an entire project but if I Focus and just use these 2 principles, chunking and organization everything becomes much smoother. I like to start with the organization and create a plan of what I am going to do first and which order that is logical and sequential throughout my day, which then allows me to build momentum to get the things that matter done first.

Nicholas Holloway shared these lessons that we all can use to improve the quality of our lives and achieve better results in both personal and professional, life without growth means we will keep ourselves away from fulfillment.