During these uncertain times we are all being forced not only into the interiors of our homes but the interiors of our hearts and souls. How many times have we spent the majority of our days wishing we had time for things in life like hobbies, passions, and skills? In a typical day how often did you hear yourself saying, “If only I had time for…” and then fill in the blank with all of the things that we wish we had time to do and accomplish.

Although this is not the ideal way to create an environment of change, it is upon us and we must examine how we will show up in the world and how big of a wave our ripple will create. We have been stripped of almost everything except for time. So go deep within and ask yourself what will this time look like for you. How will you emerge from your new reality and show up in the world. Sometimes we evoke change with deep action and intention and other times change is imposed upon us by the variables of the Universe.

Regardless of what factors have brought us to this time and place, we can all agree that time is at a standstill and so if time is no longer the reason that you are not acting on your dreams, what is?

Great things will come out, during this time of introspection. It is all on the horizon. As the sun rises and sheds light on the dark, so will your soul illuminate your path through the shadows.