As I sit here in Coronavirus Lock-down and reflect, under what seem to the clearest, bluest skies that I have seen in my life-time, I wonder what will happen next? Will humanity find a vaccine to Covid-19, file the many global deaths in another chapter of history, brush itself off and move forward, as it has before, until the next pandemic episode?

The answers to above questions are currently unknown, but it’s clear that many, many people across the world have, unconsciously, been given a considerable amount of time to reflect on themselves and the environment that surrounds them. I believe that, when we do go back to a form of normal, people will want change.

In particular, I sense that populations will look to their governments to improve health, people equality, social care and mental well-being. Whether this will be forthcoming is hard to predict. Will there be enough enough money in the system of taxation when the predicted recessions come to fruition to pay for it all? There are so many questions without answers and all of them should now be considered against the sinister backdrop of Global Warming or Climate Change.

Climate Change is now real for the vast majority of the world’s population. It’s also clear that much of how we live today is adversely impacting global warming. Our constant search for material and short-lived, happiness is releasing millions of years of carbon capture back into the atmosphere. This needs to change.

It’s important to recognise that true happiness can only be found internally. We do this by adopting meditative and mindfulness practices that help us to let go of the fear that lies within all of us. In this context fear is expressed by the anxiety, guilt, animosity, anger, hate and other negative emotions that stop us saving ourselves and our planet.

Can we take action without the negative emotion?

Letting go of emotions and traditions is vital if we are going to truly save the world. Meditation can help with improving this mental state, but we also need to take the appropriate action. What is the appropriate action and how do we take it I hear you say?

This appears at first sight to be a difficult challenge, however, if we work together it may not be as difficult as we first think. The vital concept to grasp is to think of money as just another form of energy.

In the same way that lights switch on because they are supplied with electrical energy, the world’s carbon burning economy’s energy source is money. We can create a green economy by being far more careful about where we spend our hard earned cash.

By being mindful of our personal spending so that it is as carbon neutral as possible is a very small step for most of us and may well change the world for the better. Those of us with money to invest should look to ethical investment funds, shares and vehicles to hold their cash. It’s interesting to observe that the funds and shares that have grown most rapidly since the virus have been ethical stocks.

The Coronavirus has created misery, devastation and loss, but it has also given us a glimpse of a world full of bird song, clean air and crystal blue skies. Let’s change that glimpse into a reality.

Remembering that happiness cannot be found externally I encourage you to meditate. A small change by all of us can combine to be a big change for humanity. Let’s make some positive out of Covid, be mindful of nature and preserve the planet that we live on before it’s too late…