Left To Right: Shaimaa Abbas, Irenia Roussel, Varsha Wadnikop and Lynne Theriault-Sehgal

I believe it is important to make meaningful change where ever I pass in this world and that’s why my mantra is “Make Meaningful Change.”  I started my journey into the TECH world last year with the Fredericton Women Techmakers. This was purely a coincidental meeting with the Google Developer Group Organizer, Shaima Abbas, via a Facebook post. She was seeking help to organize and execute the first #IWD 2020 Women Techmakers celebration in our neck of the woods Fredericton, New Brunswick. From this first post we moved on to correspond via text and email and very soon later we were working side by side to make this augural event a reality. I believe social media plays a strong role in building new connections because as a result of this timely connection, I am now a Women Techmakers Ambassador.

Photo Credit: McQuinn Media

During the summer of 2020, I had the opportunity to attend the Elevate Training, an applied skills program organized by Google to build leadership and career development skills , where I met so many amazing women working on impactful projects. Having started two podcasts, my own Global impact projects, earlier in the year, namely: Livewithirenia and The Canadian Side Hustle and Business sharing amazing stories of entrepreneurs who are not afraid to share their life journey with us. I felt even more inspired to build bigger projects and podcasts. In addition, I added on to my mission, to encourage more diverse women to get involved in the digital space. It takes courage to build big initiatives and the training received from this program helped to bolster my confidence, leadership skills as well as expanded my global network of connections.

This year, we are celebrating #IWD 2021 on March 11 in grand style bringing diverse career professionals, women and men, to the table to build their leadership skills. The theme is #Couragetocreate. There are a variety of amazing keynotes lined up including Google’s very own Caitlin Morrisey, WTM Program Manager, Carmela Guizard Sanchez, HW Program Manager and Selena Jackson, Account Management Lead as well as a series of workshops and networking cafe. I encourage you to head over to LinkedIn Women Techmakers Fredericton page to get the full details! I believe connecting there will help to expand your network of professional connections even more. 

What will you have the courage to create in 2021? Send me your feed back. I would love to hear from you! We are always looking for amazing dynamic speakers for our podcasts, recommend a cool speaker whose story should be shared! We hope you find your new vibes in this new super normal in 2021! Feel free to follow us on facebook , twitter  and  instagram.