As he drove to the airport, leaving the memories and heading back home, he realized what a fantastic time he’d spent. Over the last four days, he met, networked, and brainstormed ideas over luncheons with people he never considered he’d meet someday.

It suddenly dawns on him how he started—the struggles. The frustration and rejections he got from almost everyone he encountered.

The Past: Winning?

In his own words:

You are wasting your time. You are not good enough to. 

You are weak at writing. Your work is garbage. 

You aren’t qualified. You know nothing. 

You are dumb. You suck.

Winning Mindset

But ever since he stepped up his game in Copywriting and Social Media Marketing, Chinedu Junior Ihekwoaba has grown from a mere job seeker and a broke clout chaser to a multiple six and seven-figure freelance copywriter.

A CEO he bootlicked for two years approached him in 2020 to be his mentor! Winning!

A recruiter who told him back then in 2017 that he wasn’t good enough, begged him to share her CV with his network in 2019. Winning!

Fast-forward today, he brainstorms business ideas, offers feedback and encouragement to businesses and brands worldwide.

Winning Today

As he watches the sunset over the ocean, eating his favorite meal, yam, and a fried egg, he meditates over his next moves.

Feeling the heat from the fading sun and the cool breeze lingering in the air, he watches his old college mate, whom he hasn’t seen over three years, walking in his direction, together with his wife and kids. They stopped at a stand a few meters from him to get Vanilla ice cream for the kids.

Gazing at this scene together with the water, the rainbow, and the approaching full moon, gave him a sense of fulfillment. 


He has accomplished quite a lot in the last three years since he completed his NYSC ( National Youth Service Corps) in October 2016. As Chinedu pulled his suitcase at that ungodly hour, almost falling asleep, he couldn’t help but smile at having gotten to do all that equated to one word: Winning!

He felt such a lightness as he arrived home to his family. Completely refreshed and happy.

Winning Community 

And he always wants the same for you and everyone around him.

That feeling that you are impenetrable. Nothing will bring you down. You can’t help but smile.

 And guess what makes him special, despite all his successes, he fights daily to make those around him happy.

He uplifts and encourages them. Always ready to help. Both in his family and his local community. Wealth and success didn’t get into his head. He keeps a tight bond with His God.

You will always hear him say: What is better—teaching a man how to fish or feed him?

In his words:

 Love yourself.

Chase your dreams instead-

Improve and learn more.

Learn to start from somewhere. 

If you can’t solve a problem around you, you’ll be useless in the labor market.

 It’s time to think big.