I had to ask myself the question, “What would my life be if.” Now the ifs are different for everyone. Your if may be, what would my life be like if – I had a career I loved, a person whom I adore and adores me, or my body at its healthiest.  It doesn’t matter what it is, because using the Law of Attraction you will get exactly what you want. The Universe is neutral, so if you are thinking and focusing on your desires, that is what you will get. But if you are like I was and most people, your focus is on lack and what you don’t have. So as a neutral Universe, that is exactly what you get. The more you focus on (not enough) the more of that comes to you. So the question is, how do I change that? And the answer is by changing how I feel about myself. What are the inner blocks that are stopping me from receiving all that I desire?

This is where the work gets challenging. How do we change beliefs that are imprinted on us? These unconscious beliefs are what’s running the show of our lives. This is where we must go within. I truly believe most of us on this planet have an unconscious belief that we are not enough. Not good enough, rich enough, attractive enough, thin enough…. etc… etc… The list can go on forever. Why is it that we feel we are not worthy to receive everything we desire? I believe it starts somewhere in childhood. Somewhere in your life, you felt as I did; that feeling of unworthiness. It doesn’t matter how it happened, or where that message came from or who told you that. It doesn’t matter if you had the most beautiful childhood or the most horrendous. Somewhere along the way, you received that message and you agreed with it. YOU and I said, not on a conscious level but on an unconscious level, “yes you are right, I am not good enough” or “I don’t deserve this or that.”

So it’s time to change that. What do you do now? You go deep inside and ask yourself the question, Where along in my life, did I allow that belief to enter me? I have discovered from doing that, where my belief came from. It was very interesting to discover when I thought of myself as not enough.

Believe me when I say, positive affirmations work to shifting that energy. But first, we must remove the unconscious beliefs that are blocking us. And we must learn to fall in love with who we were created to be.