quarantine restrictions

In light of the tragedies that the new coronavirus has caused, these thoughts may seem selfish and superficial. But all the little things that make up our daily lives are essential to our well-being, and craving for them is perfectly normal.

So, what would you do today, if you could? Where would you go? What do you most look forward to, once the worldwide lockdown is over?

I invited a few entrepreneurs to answer my question. As it turns out, it’s the simple things that make us the happiest.

ZeroBounce CEO

“I’d go to the movies.”

“I’d go to the movies. It’s one of my favorite ways to relax and I used to go a couple of times a week. Movie theaters will probably not open soon where I live, so in the meantime, I watch a lot of movies at home.

Another thing I look forward to is eating out with my wife and our friends. Take-outs and deliveries are convenient and we’ve been supporting our favorite restaurants during these months. But I miss the experience of eating in a restaurant and hope to relive it soon.”

Liviu Tanase, CEO of ZeroBounce

Belkins CEO

“Many of us may have realized how much we love what we do.”

“I’d like to try hiking in the mountains or traveling across Europe, get some rest. Right now, I’m making a personal list of every place in the world I want to visit once travel restrictions are lifted.

It’s so difficult to tell what our future will look like. I know that life won’t return to normal right away. We’ve doubled our efforts to adapt to these new economic conditions and we’re on the constant lookout for changes and opportunities.

Living in lockdown and having to change our routine has provided a new perspective on our habits and life goals. We’ve had plenty of time to think about what we really enjoy and what we want. Many of us may have realized just how much we love what we do.

So, I do what I can right now, look at my list, and hope to see things getting back to normal as the economy starts its recovery.”

Vladislav Podolyako, CEO of Belkins

InvoiceBerry CEO

“I miss exploring the world with my family.”

“The thing I miss the most during the current lockdown is the ability to travel and explore the world with my family.

Running a fully remote company at InvoiceBerry, I’ve spent years optimizing processes, creating a flexible schedule, and nurturing a remote team culture. All of this has meant that my wife and I have been able to show our 3-year-old daughter Big Ben in London, have a stroll around the Seine in Paris, build sandcastles at the Mediterranean Sea in Valencia, and feed elephants in Thailand.

Being stuck in one place isn’t in our family DNA. As an entrepreneurial family, we look to explore and discover new places and experiences.  We are very much looking forward to the day when we can get on the next high-speed train around Europe or board another plane to a country far away.”

Uwe Dreissigacker, CEO of InvoiceBerry

Ben Aston The digital project manager

“It’s way more fun to be around each other in the office.”

“I’d love to be back at work in the office with the team. We’ve found a good rhythm working remotely and communicating through video calls and online tools, but it’s just way more fun to be around each other in the office.”

Ben Aston, Founder of The Digital Project Manager

“I’d dance at least one night a week.”

editor Black and White Zebra

“I’m an avid salsa dancer and have been for a decade – salsa, bachata, kizomba –and I’m sure salsa is going to be one of the last social activities to be given the greenlight. I’d dance at least one night a week, usually way more.

Missing salsa, although I am definitely getting more sleep!”

Sarah Tolle, Editor at Black and White Zebra

SEO Atlantic CEO

“I miss going to the gym.”

“The current situation has changed the way we work, play, and learn. Fortunately for me, I’ve always worked online, so the pandemic hasn’t affected me as much as it has other people.

However, the one thing I do miss is going to the gym since working out is a big challenge at home. Exercise is very important for our body and mental health. It gives us confidence and reduces stress.”

Mihaita Vulpe, CEO of SEO Atlantic

serial entrepreneur

“I really miss going out to eat.”

“The one thing that I miss the most is lunch. I have missed having
lunch with potential clients and colleagues.

In the new world of social distancing and work from home, so many are
wishing for the good life back, but my life is not that much different.
I’m already doing what I love to do, running my companies, and staying connected with my people – except going out to eat. I really miss that.”

Bobby Glen James, author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur