Sometime back, I was invited for an orientation for young leaders where I also had the privilege of delivering the keynote address.While I am glad that,I could address the young leaders,I am also equally glad that I too learnt a lot interacting with them! Here is the transcript of that speech for you all ……..

” Dear Leaders,

Congratulations to each and everyone!Let me start this with a caution:), As I am an old fashioned man I like to take precautionary measures well in advance if possible!…So,this “responsibility” in fact comes with a lot of other added factors (both internal and external).You are going to be watched! by not just those who are blindly believing in you(followers!), but by others as well.By others, I mean,those who wouldn’t have already comprehended your expertises and values.You need to have patience to make sure that you take them also into confidence in this journey.

Remember always!….No mean task that would be!

It is in your hands now to prove to everyone around how impartial you are going to be,by executing your responsibilities appropriately.That also includes respecting the women-power apart from several other aspects(In fact, I am glad that among you there already exists a good women representation and hence this observation to also include them as you decide major policies etc,.We are definitely going to talk about this aspect a little later here again)!

Do you all know that both leadership and leadership qualities are the most widely used(or misused?) words in every possible situations.

Unfortunately, we still have a dearth of good leaders. The world would have been a much better place to live if we would have got many ethical leaders who could energize those who surround them with hell lot of positive energy to move forward to a common/acceptable and a meaningful goal that is not just realistic but meant for the benefit of all concerned .Now that takes us to the next question.What is ethical leadership?

First of all ethical leadership is just not an idea, but it is an “action” concept. Whenever you chose to take this positive path, in the initial stages you might find it a bit difficult (maybe), but in the long run only the truth prevails. By putting ethics on top of the agenda, the distinction between Right and Wrong is a natural choice for the day to day operations and never a struggle! 

So when faced with an ethical dilemma every leader should introspect on?…

” To whom do I owe a duty and what duty do I owe them ? “

To answer this, you should use reasons to identify the higher principles you should live and act. My dear young friends, It is imperative that in your journey you should never take any action that will interfere with the right of others for self development and self fulfillment. 

Next important aspect would be, helping others move forward positively always. Let us call it as “Energizing” Energizers help move the ball forward in the smoothest possible manner and the result is achieved even faster without us even knowing about it! They could easily convert negativity to positivism. Most of the natural leaders are very good at influencing positively. They genuinely care… I hope you always remember the very simple fact that,It is hard to fake!

The best way to inspire people to superior performance is to convince them by everything you do and by your everyday attitude that you are wholeheartedly supporting them.

Last but definitely not the least, Why women power is an important factor?

When it comes to challenging situations, women are able to use their inner strength effectively.In trying times they tend to work in the best possible manner in line with the interests of the entire household (or team) they are part and parcel of. So it up to leaders to understand that creating a climate of comfort for women would help in achieving greater gender balance enabling also more women to take up leadership roles.

And finally, the best advice to sum it all ? 

 “People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude”

All the very best to each one of you in your leadership journey.

Thanks Everyone! 

#Disclaimer & Info: Views expressed are purely my personal opinion.(C)Text Copyright 2019 by Prakashan B.V— All Rights Reserved

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