Every brand has a tag line.

When we hear Nike – we think “Just Do It.”

In a tag line, companies clearly summarize what their product will do for us. They succinctly tell us how their product will make us feel or offer us a pristine message describing the ideas the product promotes. Tag lines are flexible too depending on a variety of reasons, for example; the state of the economy or a new generational outlook. I still remember in the late 1980’s Coke’s tag line claimed it was the “Official Soft Drink of Summer” whereas currently it’s all about “Taste the Feeling.” In 2012, Athleta kicked off their brand with the tag line “Power to the She” which is very empowering to the clientele they want to attract.

So now let’s take a moment as individuals and think about how helpful as well as fun it would be to create our own tag line.

What messages are we sending and what messages do we want to send?  Are we reflecting who we really are or what we genuinely believe? Does our tag line change base on our target audience? Is it be something we aspire to do daily? Like “Carpe Diem!”

Let’s pause and think – we may already have a tag line without even consciously realizing it. What do we say repeatedly? I know what I’d say my Dad’s tag line is to this day because he still uses it with his grandchildren. “Listen, learn, get involved and have fun.”

While preparing this article, I thought I’m sure the people we are closest to could think of one for us based on what they hear us say over and over. As a result, I asked my daughters what they would say my tag line would be. Quite quickly, my youngest one said, “We always figure it out” and when asked separately my older daughter said, “What’s your best accessory?” which refers to her smile versus anything materialistic. It was very interesting to hear this feedback. 

Consequently, asking those around us may be a good starting point. They can help us become more aware of what we say and then if we like it, we can keep saying it. However, we need to remember if we ask, then we need to be prepared for whatever they may say. If we don’t like the messages we are sending, then the good news is, we are able to change it.

We are in charge of our own tag line. As a result, we are empowered to create whatever tag line we want to best and most genuinely reflect who we are, what we believe or to what we aspire. Isn’t that exciting!? Thinking about what our tag line is a fun exercise to help us become more self-aware and better understand what we are reflecting to those around us.

Take some time and either ask those around you what they hear you repeatedly say or really listen to yourself. What do you say over and over? Does it reflect who you are and who you want to be? If not, then mindfully create a new more appropriate tag line. There’s no need to worry because now that you have this awareness if you put your mind to and want to change it…you will figure it out.