The best way to flip your perspective is to write. Write your thoughts and write your fears, write your dreams and write your truth. As you write you will teach yourself.  In December 2016 I set a goal to write and publish something every single day for 1 year. I did it. Writing is good for you, writing is good for me. Writing helps drive clarity and reduce anxiety. Writing helps us solve problems. We write so we can share, but more we write so we can become, so we can learn, so we can understand.  Below is what my writing taught me in December 2017. 

Value Stars – Dec.1, 2017

Stars guide us at night. A big star guides during the day. Either way, we need stars. Stars are light. Stars are consistent. The most important stars are the ones we use the most. Those stars becoming our guiding lights. Those stars are our values. Our values determine how we act. Choose your stars wisely.

What You Think – Dec.2, 2017

When you have a blanket wrapped around half your head with your hand almost in your nose and you have a blank stare of false hope mixed with anxiety and pride, some people might think you are weird or strange. They are probably right. To them you are. It doesn’t matter what they think though. It only matters what you think.

Staying Involved – Dec.3, 2017

If your emotions are not involved, then why do you care? Then why are you doing it? The purpose should be to experience, to feel, to live. If you have taken all of that away, don’t do it. Do something else.

Connection Creates Compassion – Dec.4, 2017

When you are connected to and with others, the natural response is to want to help. Humans were built for compassion. It is about focusing on the relationship and the person, rather than selfish motivations. The best always find ways to help and develop ways to create value for those in they care about. The more you feel connected, the more compassion you can show.

Curiosity Drives The Good Life – Dec.5, 2017

Enthusiasm can cause wonder. Wonder can cause enthusiasm. Both are precursors to curiosity. When you want to know, you will passionately seek. You will pursue what you are curious about and do it with vigor. Those who are curious have stronger and deeper relationships. Those who are curious solve more problems. Curiosity is a ticket to a better life.

The Power of Tradition – Dec.6, 2017

Traditions are powerful. Traditions create stories. They create stability. They are focus points and centers of balance for individuals, families, and teams. When you have a tradition, you know what to look for, you know what you can trust, you know what to rely on. Expectations can be harmful when they are not met, traditions give confidence because they are known events with predictable results, expectations that always come true. Traditions are more powerful than we often give them credit for. Create traditions and watch your experiences and life improve. I am thankful for the traditions my Mother brought to Idaho from Germany, so we as children could feel connected to her, to our family, and to each other. Now each of us 6 siblings continue those traditions to this day.

Act to Feel – Dec.7, 2017

When you act better you feel better, always. Actions CREATE thoughts. But thoughts LEAD to actions. Emotions are created in the comparison of thoughts, to actions, to values. If they are aligned, our feelings will always be positive. When one or more is misaligned, that is when bad feelings begin to exist.

Talking Actions – Dec.8, 2017

What others see is who you are, to them. If they perceive you wrong, do not worry. But, are you doing what it takes to be seen as the person you want to become? Are your actions showing the principles you actually believe? Actions always shine through; they always tell the truth. What truth are your actions speaking today?

Listen to Plan – Dec.9, 2017

When you listen, you can learn, you can feel, you can understand. If you hear, you can plan. When you truly listen, you will have better ideas and can make definite plans. Definite plans tied to a definite purpose will always lead to a better outcome.

Trigger Control – Dec.10, 2017

When you can control your triggers, any habit can be broken or created. Controlling you triggers means choosing your response. Often, you can’t change the trigger, yet your response to it is 100% in your sphere of influence, under your power, is your duty and obligation to control. The more triggers you control, the more you will achieve. When you control how you react to every stimulus you face, then nothing is impossible.
Julia was born today!

Prepare to Perform – Dec.11, 2017

Preparation is never complete. You can never prepare for everything. But you can prepare enough. If you look at your preparation is lacking, or incomplete, that is how you will perform. If you know though that you have done all you can and you are as ready as you need to be, then your performance will match. Prepare to perform and focus on abundance.

Brightening Relationships – Dec.12, 2017

When you are thankful for what you have, everything gets brighter. When you show appreciation for your gifts, your blessings increase. It works for people too. The more you show gratitude towards others, the happier you get, the better they feel, and the relationships always strengthen.

Step Back – Dec.13, 2017

Taking a step back is never wrong. It allows you to gauge the situation. It allows you understand your own emotions. It prevents mistakes and conflict. When needed, take a step back. Even if you think you are right, take a step back. Breathe. Ask yourself a question: “Will this make the situation better, neutral, or worse?” If it the answer is not “better”, then readjust your plan of action. Always make every situation better by the actions you choose, and that starts with taking a step back.

Focus On What You Contribute – Dec.14, 2017

It is easy to get caught up in the negativity that so many people try to push as “being real” or “authenticity” … When you have a clear focus, a definite vision of your purpose, then it becomes so much easier to ignore the negativity and focus on your own personal contribution.

Get Off The Bus – Dec.15, 2017

There are so many people who are going very, very fast, yet they are not getting anywhere. They are on a bus that runs the same route every day. They are on that bus and no progress is being made. When you notice you are on that bus, start asking yourself questions that force hard answers. The difficult questions lead to better actions. Ask yourself: “Is what I am working on important to creating the ultimate vision I have for myself?”

Legacy Matters – Dec.16, 2017

Your impact is what matters. Not if people remember you and your name. It is important that they remember that they felt better, that they improved, that they changed because of the way that you treated them, or the work that you produced. Focus on work that matters and people will feel your impact.

Being Present – Dec.17, 2017

The best thing you can do today is the being present for those you care about. It is actually the best thing you can always do every single day. Being present is not about physical location. It is about connecting your mind and heart. You can be 1,000 miles away and still be fully present. It all depends on your focus and attention and care.

It Shows – Dec.18, 2017

When you care about something, it shows. You face shows you care. Your eyes scream your passion. Your actions prove everything. When you actually care about someone or something, you don’t need to find a way to show it, everyone knows.

Everything Could Change – Dec.19, 2017

Look back only as it helps you go forward. When you look back and see everything, you know that nothing is constant, and everything can change. You realize that who you have in your life is a result of who you are. We all make choices, and those choices can be changed, instantly.

Memories Over Truth – Dec.20, 2017

Memories are more powerful than truth. They last longer and feel more real than any truth you can read about. What memories are you creating? How are you helping others create memories?

What Curiosity Discovers – Dec.21, 2017

Curiosity is more than just inquisitive thinking. It is also a way of being. When you are curious it allows you to discover truth. Truth about yourself, truth about others, and truth about the world you live in. If you live with an attitude of constant curiosity, you will never be bored or get tired. There will always be more to learn, more to explore and more to get done. Stay curious.

Be In The Moment – Dec.22, 2017

Sometimes you want something so bad, it blinds you. It limits your ability to think clearly. And then when you get it, you don’t appreciate the moment, you don’t take in the full value of your opportunity. Whenever possible, never let your passions control you. Control your desires and then you will always have better experiences. Stay in the moment and maximize every opportunity.

Deserving Love – Dec.23, 2017

You being loved is not something you need to earn. You are worthy because you exist. You do not need to search for love. What you do need to do though is love others, since they deserve love just the same way you do.

Your Experiences and Truth – Dec.24, 2017

Your experiences are yours, and yours alone. No one can tell you how you should experience your life. No one is qualified to tell you what your experiences mean. Yet, there is truth, and the more you search for truth, the more happiness you will find. You will create peace in your life as you search and accept the truth you find.

Celebrate – Dec.25, 2017

As we celebrate, the reason we celebrate must take center stage. The reason is one of peace, and family, and joy, and eternal life, and love, and hope, and charity, and kindness, and example, and truth. Everything in life should be a celebration of those values. The more we accept those values, the more we can fulfill our potential, help others fulfill theirs and create peace and happiness for others.

Increase Satisfaction, Decrease Disappointment – Dec.26, 2017

Learning to reduce want will increase satisfaction. Learning to accept what is will decrease disappointment.

Control Mechanism – Dec.27, 2017

Accountability creates control. By taking ownership we now control our actions, our results, our success and in the end — our destiny. The more you believe that you are responsible for your life, the better your life becomes.

Heart & Mind – Dec.28, 2017

Since science says we make decisions with our emotions and justify them with our logic, we can use that information to help us become better and help others do the same. With this knowledge focus on making your decisions with your brain, with your logic first, then you can add your heart once you know the decision makes sense. When dealing with others, think about their heart and appeal to it first. Let them know you care and find their motivations and help them emotionally. By doing this you will help them get to decisions fasters. The faster you can decide and act, the more flexible you can be later. Help others and help yourself by using both logic and emotion.

Knowledge Exposed – Dec.29, 2017

Expose yourself. Expose yourself to the extremes. Expose yourself to people and ideas that you have never considered. Use extremes to your advantage. Truth is always findable, to find it though, you might have to search in new places. As we are exposed to new ideas, we can combine our previous knowledge, with our experience and new knowledge to make the best possible decisions.

Embrace It, All of It – Dec.30, 2017

Your obstacles are your life. Without challenges, there is no life. There is no road below your pain. The pain, the suffering is the life you have and is what makes it real. Every challenge has brightness, every obstacle comes with benefits, every experience comes with knowledge, every trial is filled with power. By trying to avoid hard things, we are giving up power. Keep your power, embrace your problems.

Always Good To Remember, Better To Do – Dec.31, 2017

Be happy with your accomplishments. Be proud of what you have done. Remember your success and regenerate those feelings often. You have done so much, you have so many reasons to be proud, to be content, to feel secure. Let those feelings give you peace. Then get up and work hard tomorrow. Remember the good and then go and do more. Remembering is important, doing is better.

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